Looking Back 2017

Best of entertainment 2017: The queer horror star who stole our hearts

Welcome to Queerty’s Looking Back 2017, an ongoing series featuring the best and brightest in queer entertainment that you may or may not have missed. Check back with us every day until New Years 2018 for a spotlight on all things entertaining magnificently queer.

Best Coming Out: The Babadook

In a move that also qualifies as most ironic coming out, one celebrity made a stunning admission in 2017, delighting fans and baffling everyone else.

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The world shall forever remember 2017 as the year of The Babadook. Though the eponymous film first debuted in 2014, the Austrailian monster hit new heights of popularity in 2017 after Netflix users reported seeing the creature’s horror film listed as a gay interest movie on the streaming giant. The popularity of The Babadook soared (who says queer movies can’t go mainstream?), and fans of the movie began dressing as the title character during Pride Month.

Memes began to circulate of The Babadook dressed in the rainbow flag, and entertainment commentators even came up with informed essays on the latent—albeit, possibly unintended—queer themes in the film.

The Babadook became one of the celebrities to actually benefit from coming out, as queer viewers flocked to check out his film. The makers of The Babadook enjoyed the success as well, with the movie suddenly receiving huge amounts of attention. The well-made thriller deserved an audience anyway, and for all involved, 2017 marked a moment of pride, indeed.

As for The Babadook himself…rumor had him romantically linked to the clown Pennywise from the horror film IT. Seriously.