Best Of GayCities: Dream Traveling To Paris, Amsterdam And Puerto Vallarta

During the last leg of Best of GayCities 2012, we will be featuring inspiring travel itineraries personalized by GayCities members all over the world. You have until January 9 to create your “Ultimate Dream Voyage” itinerary, and enter to win a free trip to the island paradise of Curaçao!

GayCities member leviwatt from Portland dreams of a Eurotrip which includes the magnificent cities of Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin. Check out his full “Ultimate Dream Voyage” itinerary:

Pride City: San Francisco

Beach Resort Town: Puerto Vallarta

Scenic City: Amsterdam

Food & Wine City: Berlin

Romance City: Paris

City That Never Sleeps: New York City

Start your own “Ultimate Dream Voyage” today!

Photo: Adriano Aurelio Araujo


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  • Sean305

    Pride City: I have no opinion based on experience but I have done SF and it feels marginal and excessive and would be interested in Sao Paulo, the largest gay pride gathering in the southern hemisphere, or Sydney.

    Beach resort town: Sitges, Catalonia, Spain. Good looking guys, close to Barcelona. (Puerto Vallarta is full of senior gays – fine but it’s a bit tawdry when old queens hook up with young, underprivileged locals.)

    Scenic City: Rome or Paris. Berlin is full of boring modern architecture; Rome is full of ancients buildings and great vistas; Paris is harmoniously full of early 19th century revival and Haussmann architecture and excellent urban architecture.

    Food & Wine City: Paris – There’s no contest when it comes to food and the French.

    Romance City: Chiang Mai, Thailand. Paris has the backdrop but it is too big and busy for true romance; it is also too clichéd – it is overrun with Eastern Europeans and Chinese by the busloads and it is impossible to find a quiet, romantic spot. Chiang Mai is cool, beautiful, if run-down in spots, and full of gracious gardens and people.

    City That Never Sleeps: In Europe, that would be Berlin followed by London and Paris.

  • jmps

    “Puerto Vallarta is full of senior gays…”
    When oh when oh when is the gay community going to grow out of this blatant ageism that permeates our community? One day Sean305 will look back at his youth bashing older gays and be truly remorseful. Why is there so much disrespect in the gay community towards older gays? In a community that prides itself on diversity and progressive thinking there is so much prejudice and hate towards something that, if you’re lucky, you might one day be?

  • Sean305

    My comment on “senior gays” in PVR was that it was “fine”. My hesitation was seeing seniors (gays or heteros, for that matter)from a richer country coupling with younger, less priveleged locals – who do it for survival – not purely for pleasure or free choice. If you are a senior and like to meet other seniors at a beach, head to Ibiza’s gay section or to Fort Lauderdale.

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