Beth Ditto Blast Topshop

The Gossip lead singer and known lesbo Beth Ditto didn’t pull any punches when she refused to play a tune at retailer Topshop. The popular store – which uses svelte Kate Moss as their model a guest designer, asked the rocksters to perform at their London shop, but the heavy-set Ditto wasn’t having it.

I don’t think it’s fair to put my face somewhere where they would never let me in there to wear their clothes. I want the respect that Kate Moss gets. If they want our music they’ve got to actually do something to earn it. I can get money anywhere, I don’t need your money unless you’re going to do it my way.

They don’t want to dress people that look like me, that have a normal body, a bigger body, whatever. I mean I don’t really know why they want The Gossip to do things for them, I don’t understand because if they saw me in the street they’d never give me the time of day. I like me, I think that other girls like me, they need people like me, people who feel really strongly and will say no.

Ditto insists she won’t heed their call unless they offer her a job designing clothes for plus-sized ladies. Until then, she’ll be a no show.

Good for you, Ditto. We loved you before, but now we adore you!