Beth Ditto Loves Herself

It took her a long time, but big girl Gossip singer Beth Ditto grew to accept herself. The 26-year old tells The Telegraph she’s happy being a “big fat dyke”. All the negativity came from others:

I didn’t hate my body. Other people hated it, which was really hard to understand. It wasn’t me who thought I shouldn’t wear a bikini, it was my mom or my friends. It never came from inside. It always came from outside.

[My confidence] comes from being unhappy in my skin when I was younger. You can spend all that energy trying to change who you are and not get important things done, or you can accept it and do what matters. If what matters to you is starving yourself and working out, then that to me is so depressing. In the meantime you could be making a really amazing song or painting a great picture or meeting people who actually care about you.

That’s right, girl. Although, there’s something to be said for a bit of calisthenics. It’s good for the soul.

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