Beth Ditto’s Vogue Proves She’s Twice The Woman Madonna Is

It’s much easier to tromp around onstage in a cone bra and panties when you’re a one-hundred fifty pound waif. But when you’ve got a voluptuous figure like Beth Ditto you gotta own it. Ditto stripped down to her skivvies for a full-bodied performance of Madonna’s “Born This Way” “Vogue” and backed it up with tons confidence and self-possession. She did so well in fact, that even Madonna’s manager Guy Oseary tweeted, “I just showed Madonna the video of Beth Ditto performing Vogue at Moscow Miller party. She thought Beth was great…” Hell yeah she was.

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  • christopher di spirito

    Beth Ditto is tremendously talented. She has a genuine set of pipes. I love her.

  • Red Meat

    Even this fat bitch can sing better than that penis Madonna.

  • JayKay

    I’m guessing she conned that voice out of some poor unfortunate mermaid.

  • j

    Ugh her singing’s horrible. :( And I’m sorry but if that was some middle age, overweight, depressed urban housewife expecting people to PAY to see her flailing around in her plain-jane panties and singing that badly you would rightly tell her to get on her bike.

    But because beth ditto has a name behind her she’s being “body-positive” and “self-possessed” while in reality she’s taking people’s money and putting on a horrible show. I normally hate bitchy comments but can we call mediocrity when we see it?

  • Zen

    Why should we promote obesity as loving yourself? Okay, fine if you’re obese you shouldn’t be wanting to kill yourself, but you shouldn’t also be taught that it is okay and you should just live with it and “be beautiful”. It’s one thing if you’re a little chubby because naturally you just are that way, but this woman did not naturally come this way, she ate herself to that level and we shouldn’t be teaching people that that is okay. And people say, “Well I’m overweight, but I’m healthy and don’t have any health problems.” Okay, maybe now, but you will in the future, and you’re certainly not going to be working out/eating right when you’re 60+ years old if you’re like this now. A lot of people may hate on Perez Hilton, but he tries to promote a healthy body image of oneself AS WELL AS him personally losing weight to be healthy and not being okay with his obesity.

  • Fitz

    I don’t see why “Body Positive” has to always mean
    “I’m obese and ok with that”. It’s one thing to not
    obsess about an unreasonable standard…but maybe you don’t
    get to strut around in panties when you are 50% fat. Maybe that
    could motivate you a little.

    On the other hand, she is moving around– which is good.

  • Stephen

    Quite pitchy. Is that bitchy?

    Also, very little breath control or phrasing.

    Loud + Chainsaw Vibrato ? Good. (Just saying)

    She does sound good on record, though–if you can hear past the auto-tune.

  • Stephen

    er, “Loud + Chainsaw Vibrato Good”

    Stupid formatting.

  • Stephen

    Egad, “Loud + Chainsaw Vibrato does not equal Good”

    Stupid formatting, indeed.

  • rick


  • richard nixon's head

    five or six times the woman actually

  • gulpincum


    she nasty

  • Jeff

    Typical predictable comments.

  • Sister Shelby HellBound

    Wow, I was expecting a different list of comments on this post.

    Beth Ditto is a goddess with an amazing voice and stage presence. Put Madonna and Beth side-to-side and have them move around and sing this song. They will both suffer from pitch and breath issues (have any of you SEEN Madonna perform live?) The difference is Beth’s voice is far better.

    I highly suggest everyone download Beth’s solo EP, which is dance music!

  • Ruddigore

    She tells me to “come on and Vogue”, but then she never actually Vogues herself. Why did she choose this song if she’s not into it?

  • Scott


  • mike128

    What’s up with the misogyny here? You have have opinions about weight without calling a woman a “fat bitch” – and so on.

  • Henry

    Her name is Ditto because her body is so flabby and formless, like the Pokemon.

  • eyesiq

    Everyone on this comment chain needs to calm the fuck down.

    Every single goddamn performer who moves around excessively while singing WILL NOT SING PERFECTLY.

    Forget the fact that she isn’t ‘voguing’. Forget everything. Beth is performing the song and entertaining the crowd. And the people watching her seemed to be enjoying it (as did I) so I guess that means she succeeded to that end.

    And as far as all the body issues this post has brought up are concerned, people need to realize something: The reason people applaud Beth Ditto for her weight is because she doesn’t let it become the issue that is is for so many other people. She didn’t let someone tell her she couldn’t be a star because she was fat. She isn’t sitting at home torturing herself over the fact that she doesn’t look like established stars. She isn’t putting herself through major processes to conform to an ideal sense of beauty. In fact, she doesn’t give fuck all about her weight. What she does care about is entertaining and performing. Why? Because that’s her goddamn job.

    All body-positive media, as far as I’m aware, was something the media uses to promote her. Why? because Beth and Adele and other artists like her are an inspiration to people everywhere that talent and passion are more valuable and desirable than visual perfection.

  • jeff4justice

    Love Beth of Gossip.

    Anyone else think there is a double standard of how so many gay guys seem to like big girls but just not big guys?

    If you’re a gay guy dealing with body image issue, check out this vid:
    OK As Is (1/3): Gay & Overweight

  • Muscles

    @mike128: I guess we’re all just too busy wondering what this bitch’s body fat would taste like if it was chopped off and fried up in the kitchen – where she belongs.

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