Bette Midler Has Some Words of Advice for Drag Queens

Bette Midler
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It’s no secret that Bette Midler has a large gay fan base, and now, in a new interview with PrideSource, she share some advice for drag queens looking to pay tribute to her.

Bette suggests that drag queens need to start with “a good pair of shoes – a really good pair of shoes” and “a serious undergarment.” And for any queen who has ever had a stage mishap, she suggests that “if your panties fall down all around your feet, step out of them and keep on singing.”

When the interviewer compliments her advice, noting the fact that Bette isn’t a drag queen herself, she comically responds, “Well, I’ve been accused of (being a drag queen) many times! But I take it with a grain of salt. To me, it’s a supreme compliment.”

If you’re a biological girl and you’ve ever been accused of being a drag queen, take a note from Bette’s book and act flattered by the compliment!

Read Bette’s full interview with Pridesource to see what else the legendary diva had to say.

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