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Betty White’s death certificate reveals cause of death

Betty White
Betty White (Photo: YouTube)

Beloved actress Betty White died peacefully in her sleep after suffering a stroke, reports TMZ. The outlet says it has seen a copy of White’s death certificate.

White passed on New Year’s Eve, less than three weeks before she was due to celebrate her 100th birthday. In the wake of her passing, some anti-vaxxers falsely claimed her death came about after she had a Covid booster. However, her agent quickly denied this to be the case and said it was due to “natural causes.”

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TMZ says her death certificate states her passing came about following a “cerebrovascular accident” (a medical term for a stroke). This is usually due to a blood clot or broken blood vessel in the brain.

According to the certificate, White suffered a stroke six days before her passing. A source close to the performer confirmed to People that White suffered “a mild stroke”. Sources told TMZ that White was alert and coherent afterward.

White’s longtime agent and friend would neither confirm nor deny the details reported by TMZ: “Betty passed in her sleep peacefully without pain,” Jeff Witjas told People. “To me this is the most important thing and brings me comfort as her dear friend. Anything else is private to Betty.”

White had a career stretching back over 70 years. For many around the world, she will be best remembered for her role in the hugely popular 1980s sitcom, The Golden Girls.

Speaking to People last week, Witjas said that he would often remind White how loved she was.

“Betty lived a great life and she lived a life that she chose. She was happy. Every time I told her, ‘Betty, you’re loved,’ she would look at me with a wry smile and say, ‘Really?’ I hope she knew. I think she did. It was something beyond love.”

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