Beyonce and Eva All About Lesbianica Erotica

We’ve never read Tipping The Velvet by Sarah Waters, but we were just discussing it last night, which makes the discovery of this story all the more surprising.

Apparently Beyonce Knowles and Eva Longoria have signed on to play repressed lesbian lovers in Sofia Coppola‘s big-screen adaptation of the novel. Those of you familiar with the text (or the BBC version) know that things get pretty sexy, including a scene in which one of the characters gets fucked with a strap-on. Of course, as pioneering career women, Longoria and Knowles are jumping at the opportunity.

Beyoncé and Eva are said to be incredibly excited about the steamy love scenes and can’t wait for filming on the project to start.

A source revealed: “They weren’t at all coy about the sex scenes. In fact they both seemed to think it would be more fun than doing the same work with a man. It’s going to be very hot.”

So, what’s bizarre about this story? Well, while we haven’t read it, our lesbian friend tells us there are no people of color in the book. We suppose Coppola’s using her artistic license on this one, which – despite what you may think after Marie Antoinette – is actually a good thing.

(Oh, and in case you don’t know: “tipping the velvet” is code for cunnilingus.)

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