Beyoncé Buys Cher’s Malibu Mansion for $45M, Wigs Sadly Not Included

cher-beyFrom one diva to another, like sands through the hourglass, forever and ever and amen. Beyoncé restored balance to the diva universe (after a number of upsetting events more or less associated with the runaway success of Taylor Swift) when she dropped a cool $45 million for Cher‘s Malibu mansion.

According to Vibe, Sarkisian Castle comes equipped with seven bedrooms, nine baths, a gym, theater, tennis court and a pool. One must also assume there’s enough closet space to house five decades of beaded half-gowns and headdresses from four farewell tours.

Her Cherness had originally put the house on the market in 2008 but wasn’t quite ready to part with the view. But the view of Beyoncé’s lace-front strolling through those hallowed halls must have persuaded her. We wonder how much Bey offered  the Dark Lady to “accidentally” leave her Oscar in one of the nine baths? You know she’s been gunning for one since Dreamgirls.

Meanwhile, Blue Ivy continues to have the greatest childhood on record.