Beyonce Gives Us ‘Deja Vu’


Summer of 2005 is going to be just as awesome as summer of 2004! Or was it summer of 2003? You know the summer when Beyonce‘s “Crazy In Love” was playing everywhere… Or “Naughty Girl”… Oh, we’re confused now, but this summer will be the summer of “Deja Vu,” and it really will feel like we’ve been there before, except now Jay-Z is rapping along.

Personally we thought “Naughty Girl” was one of the most brilliant songs of 2004, but we do not feel the same way about this new single. It sounds like a jaded attempt at a hit single to us, and its licks just aren’t catchy enough to hold our attention. That said, we are certain it will be a huge club hit this summer, so you’d better listen to it now before you’re the one asking “what’s this song?” on the dancefloor.

Beyonce’s “Deja Vu” (MP3) [Spine Magazine via viva la graham]