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  • weatherwaxes

    This is an aggressively mediocre song.

  • gauty

    She is indistinguishable from Ashanti with that black weave, apart from the fact that it doesn’t make the latter look like a bland-faced egomaniac lol

  • Spike


  • yaoming

    Why did I watch that (and why did Queerty post it)?

  • pisces-boi

    At this point y’all hoe are done. Y do hater obsessed over this women more then her fan do? i get you just don’t like her and i respect that but y click on something about her just to leave a nasty comment it’s not getting you anywhere.
    i love it this is classic Beyonce being Beyonce :-)!!!! love her!!!!! #1 stan

  • Dixie Rect

    Haven’t we seen this routine of hers, endlessly? Get some new material Mrs. Carter.

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