Beyoncé Is Here

Beyoncé Makes Her Presence Known On World Humanitarian Day

A wise woman once said, you don’t know what you got till it’s gone — as is the case with one Beyoncé Knowles. During her maternity leave, a huge, diva-shaped hole was left in pop culture. But thankfully, Blue Ivy’s mom is back and is officially “here.” Queen Bey performed at the launch of World Humanitarian Day at the United Nations headquarters, belting out this year’s theme, “I Was Here.” Backed by a massive screen depicting people making their mark and doing something good, somewhere, for someone else, Beyoncé delivers another flawless performance to riotous applause. Try not to get chills.

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  • Portia

    Queen bey you are one in a million.I love you.

  • Aedan

    The graphical elements were jarring and inappropriate to the videos being depicted. Those big blue tabs with the clean, hyper-sleek typography and smooth gradients looked like something you’d find in a corporate powerpoint presentation. And many of the transitions between the different scenes and CG depictions of the Earth looked like ultra-expensive versions of a Keynote Transition. Whoever animated that thing needs to be slapped. It actively fought against the power and emotion that Beyonce’s stellar performance and the rawness of a lot of the videos were giving me.

    The team behind the graphics were given something truly amazing: that screen. That thing was absolutely epic. And yet they squandered the opportunity to REALLY blow everyone away by overdoing the silly transitions and ultra-bubbly, inappropriately designed “I Was Here” tabs.

    Other than that- it gave me a different understanding to what I originally interpreted was a rather selfish, egotistical song. Beyonce also blew it out of the water. Glad to see she’s back and can’t wait for her to get fully back in shape, shed the baby-weight and attack the stage again.

  • Gauthier

    @Aedan: Bew bew, there ain’t no weight to lose after carrying around a pillow. Also, to make it even more outrageous, the hypocrisy goes two ways because that dress is obviously padded in the thigh area. One of the many things I learned from watching Jujubee and her getups is that any silhouette is fakeable. Oh and she’s looking paler than ever.. I wonder when she’ll finally legally change her name to Shakira. I find it hard to take her seriously for this charity when everything about that girl is so screechingly fake.

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