Beyoncé Writes A Poem For Frank Ocean, While New York Rapper Calls Him “Coward”

Sasha Fierce took a moment to congratulate Frank Ocean, who wrote her track “I Miss You”, for coming out: She posted the above photo and “poem” on her website.

Okay, it’s not Byron, but its a nice gesture nonetheless.

The stars of hip-hop and R&B have really rallied behind Ocean: In addition to support from Tyler, the Creator, Ocean has received kind words from Russell Simmons, Busta Rhymes and Jay-Z, who said he admired his “great courage and beauty and fearlessness” in coming out.

Whether Ocean’s revelation changes the homophobic undercurrent in hip-hop music, we’ll just have to wait and see.

One artist who’s not singing his praises is rapper Mysonne, a rising star on Def Jam in the late 90s until he landed behind bars. Mysonne is calling out Ocean, not for being gay but for his “deceit” and for playing on his sexuality to score publicity for his new album, Channel Orange.

Yesterday Mysonne tweeted:

“i think these n***as is cowards that looking for exposure and buzzes, so they wait til albums drop to tell you there true Sexuality.”

“Never mind that you’ve built a career off of obvious deceit and false hood, but people say its ok cuz he can sing. What happen to integrity?”

“What happened to judging a man by his character. There are no more boundaries or rules and this is why Suckas can Rule!”

“the fact that he’s gay means nothing to me and had he been real and i still liked his music i would support him, But fake shit is fake shit!”

It’s hard to deny Ocean timed his announcement to the release of Channel Orange. But given the immensity of his coming out, we’re inclined to give him a pass. What say you, Queerty readers? Is Ocean a sucka or not?