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Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” Dance Routine Hits TV, Courtesy Glee

Jocks, football, “ankle grabber” jokes, and Beyonce. That pretty much sums up your high school experience, yes? Then you don’t live in the magical fantasy land of Glee, which managed to find a way to out-gay the gays on Modern Family.

Of course, the football routine needed a rehearsal:

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  • Denjito

    Football + Single Ladies = Comedic Gold!

  • Cam

    At the end of the scene, did I get a little gay vibe from the overcompensating Mohawk Jock?

  • rcdc

    @Cam – nah, he’s **spoiler** jealous cause he likes the cheerleader and she’s having his baby but telling her boyfriend (cutie mcjawline, the qb) that it’s his even though they never had sex. the kicker, on the other hand does have a crush on the qb, and it’s obvious enough that even though he’s not officially out, when he said he wanted to ask Finn a question finn said, in a very sweet and not homophobic way, “oh, sorry kurt, i already have a date for prom.”
    sigh. this show is pure, trashy, musical numbery goodness. and it’s nice to see jane lynch getting work, not to mention all the dancers they’re keeping in ramen and powerbars.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    What I love is how Kurt is effeminate and flamboyant, but somehow he does not come off as a stereotype, ala Jack McFarland. He tried out for the football tema just to keep up the lie he told his father, and was actually good enough to make the team.

    And really, how incredibly sweet was the scene where Kurt is setting up to kick and his dad is in the bleachers and says to himself, “So little”, and you can hear the concern in his voice? Goddamn.


    And of course the coming out scene between Kurt and his father. “I’ve know since you were three. All you wanted for your birthday was a pair of sensible heels.” One of the most perfect coming out scenes ever filmed.


    So, how long before this gets cancelled

  • scott ny'er

    omg. it’s so ally mcbeal.

    i can’t see this show lasting more than a season but one never knows.

  • petted

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones: Fox payed up for a whole season recently so there should be 13 episodes at least.

  • Erick

    This was so great. I am actually sick of the single ladies, but I was grinning widelly as I watched this. The best rendition overall.

  • James

    Is it cranky of me to have wanted the guy to miss the extra point and still have his dad say “that’s my son”?

  • Michael vdB

    Feel good. Thanks cause I needed that. :)

  • terrwill

    C’mon ladies!! That show is a freakin’ camp classic!! Kurt doing the “should put a ring” on it dance before the kick was more fun than a barrel of rightwing nutbags!! And the coming out scene between Kurt and his Dad was excellent. “I knew when you were 3, all you wanted were sensible shoes” The dialouge between the two of them was perfect. Dad loved his kid no matter what. He may not accept it 100% but he ain’t gonna be hating on his own kid for being gay. His last question: “You’re sure about this right?” as he was heading up the stairs made it pretty realistic. And Mr. Jones his “he’s so little” was golden……..A little backstory about Kurt: Chris Colfer who plays Kurt actually tried out for the part of the kid in the wheelchair. ( he actually had his first line last nite) Ryan Murphy the creator who auditioned Chris actually created the Kurt charachter on the spot because Ryan saw so much of himself as a teen in Chris. Due to all the marketing tie ins with this show, the i-tunes sales already thru the roof, the cast albums of which two are already scheduled, and the live tour next summer guarantees this show will be on for years to come………If you haven’t checked it out yet do so! It actually is getting better each week……

  • gabeinaustin

    I preferred watching GLEE vs. Modern Family. Cross that. I will be watching GLEE instead of Modern Family.

  • jay

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones: Way to put out good energy Negative Nancy. It may just end up getting picked up for a second season. Crossing my fingers.

  • geoff

    The only problem is, there would have been a delay of game penalty called, and the game would have been over, but who cares, this show is awesome.

  • Jason

    What is the name of the actor that is playing that mohawked stud?

    I’d like to have a few go arounds with him.

    Quite yummy.

  • alan brickman

    he’s a total him!!

  • big_red737

    This was probably my favorite episode yet! I was grinning ear to ear through the entire thing. There were so many great moments in this one. I have been watching this show since they showed the pilot back in May. Love it and I can’t wait for soundtrack albums.

    The actor that plays Puck (the stud with the mohawk, I totally agree!), his name is Mark Salling. He had done very little acting before Glee and has a band called Jericho. You can find a few things on YouTube.

  • big_red737

    Also, as was mentioned, Fox recently picked the show up for a full season. Originally they ordered 13 which appear to already be filmed, but I believe they are adding an additional 9 for a 22 episode run for the season. Hopefully everything turns out, this show is so great. It’s getting better and better every week.

  • Jeebs

    this show does keep getting better and better as the episodes go by.

    Like someone noticed, I love that the characters fit a mold, but aren’t really a stereotype. I love the way they’ve written the characters in the show, they have so much personality, and its very hard to even hate the “bad guys” because they have some lovable characteristics.

    Puck is one sexy motherfucker… pun very well intended ;)

  • dlpca

    Yeah, cute but on a more serious note; Gays are the “single lady”. If they like what we contribute to the arts, education, sports, government, business, the community and the nation at large, then they should let us put a “ring on it”. Let us hear the ring of freedom to live and work without discrimination. Let us hear the sweet ringing of gay wedding bells. Not until then will there be genuine reason to sing and dance.

    “all the single ladies” hear me?…

  • tommyb

    Glee is so camp i love it!

  • Lex

    I dunno why anyone is predicting cancellation of this show unless they mean FOX’s typical behavior of canceling good shows. Last I checked this show is pulling in great ratings and has a lot of fans already.

    Unlike with Wonderfalls I’d be highly surprised to see this show get canceled. This one isn’t hit or miss, you’d have to be totally without a pulse to dislike this show.

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