Bianca Del Rio's Feature-Length Film 'Hurricane Bianca': IndieGoGo

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In a previous interview, Bianca Del Rio confirmed that her much-anticipated feature-length film ‘Hurricane Bianca’ would be revived, and now it’s time to “actually make it happen!”


Immediately following the crowning of Bianca Del Rio as ‘America’s Next Drag Superstar’ last night’s on the RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 finale episode, Matt Kugelman launched an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign to help make the film a reality. (Great timing by the way!)

Here’s the campaign’s funding video:

The film, which is looking to raise $175,000 by June 29th, features Bianca as the lead character of ‘Richard.’ Here’s the full film synopsis from the IndieGoGo page:

[quote]The story of Hurricane Bianca deals with the issues of trying to “be yourself” in a world that doesn’t quite accept you.  The main character, Richard, a fish-out-of-water gay New Yorker that winds up in small-town Texas, is harassed and fired from his job when his sexuality is discovered.  He creates an alter ego, disguising himself as “Bianca,” and gets re-hired in order to get revenge on those that were nasty to him. Although Bianca is merely an alter ego, she’s badass.  She’s smart, beautiful, but most importantly, she doesn’t put up with cruelty.  I think that Bianca’s assertiveness will empower not only young gay people to stand up for themselves, but anyone who has ever felt alienated or different.  No matter who you are, the story is going to make you laugh!”[/quote]

Prior to Bianca’s stint or RuPaul’s Drag Race, the film had already raised $35,000 through crowdfunding, but they’ve still got a ways to go to be able to make it happen.


Painted for Filth 4:28 Bianca Del RioIt sure seems as though this film and character was made for Bianca because this is the role she was born to play!

Now, it’s up to all of us to dig into our pocketbooks to show Bianca how much we love her by giving what we can to turn this project into a reality!

If you donate to the project, you will be eligible for select prizes including a digital download of the film, a personalized voicemail from Bianca or even your own episode of ‘Bianca Hates You,’ a new web series she’ll be staring in (coming soon)!

What are you waiting for? Donate now! And don’t forget to follow the film on Facebook and Twitter to receiving regular updates about the film and this IndieGoGo campaign.

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