Bianca Del Rio Confirms Production of Feature-Length Film 'Hurricane Bianca'

Bianca Del Rio will be staring a feature-length film entitled ‘Hurricane Bianca‘. After much speculation as to whether the film would ever reach the cutting room floor, our friends on Reddit shared the above interview clip, posted to YouTube by, where Bianca officially confirms that the film the film team will “actually make it happen”!

Here’s what she said in the interview:

[quote]I have this friend of mine that had written this movie that we’re gonna make. He’s an aspiring film maker and it’s called ‘Hurricane Bianca’. We started fundraising before I did Drag Race and so now we’re gonna go back into it and actually make it happen, which I’m excited about. It’s a feature film and it should be fun. It’s basically about… did you know this? It’s a good gay fact that in 29 states for being gay you can still be fired from work; it’s legal. So, it’s a movie basically about a guy who’s down in life and he gets fired from his job, but then he returns in drag (as me) to ruin peoples’ lives and get revenge…. Revenge is a bitch… and here we are.”[/quote]

Check out the synopsis video below, which was used to help get the movie funding on IndieGoGo, and also the sickening movie poster!

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Hurricane Bianca Movie Poster
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