Bid 2 Beat AIDS: The Gays

elton hat

Today we are spotlighting more items from LIFEbeat’s Bid 2 Beat AIDS online charity auction. You know, since we are the official blog sponsors of the event.

The gays are definitely represented in the auction: Hedwig and the Angry Inch memorabilia, Erasure, Pet Shop Boys, Rufus Wainwright, Charles Busch, Tony Kushner, Peter Paige. There is sure to be something signed by all your #1 gays. And lesbians too. Fierce bidding has already taken place for all things Melissa Etheridge.

The homo piece de resistance of the auction has already reached bids above $300. Cowboys are all the rage this season thanks to Brokeback Mountain. Why not top (har, har) every wannabe cowboy you know with a Stetson signed by one of he gayest of all the gays: Elton John.

Yes, you could own a cowboy hat signed by Reginald Dwight. Whether paired with assless chaps or a pink sequined Versace suit it’s sure to be a hit. That Village People-Elton John lovechild look will work for you. We promise. And it raises money for AIDS charities. That is what really counts.

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