Not About Nups, Supports Civil Unions

Biden Takes Gay Stance On Marriage

Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden toed party line this weekend when he said he supports civil unions, rather than full-fledged gay marriage.

Campaigning in Iowa, the senator from Delaware insisted the government must not define the allegedly sacred institution. “It is [not] the responsibility of the government to be able to define for a religious-based organization what constitutes a marriage.” He prefers to leave such decision making to the states.

Biden’s comments were especially painful for many of Iowa’s gays, who had a brief shot at marriage two weeks ago when a state judge ruled the ban unconstitutional. That same judge later held his ruling, thus truncating the queers’ freedom.

Though not down with same-sex nuptials, Biden’s proposed health care reforms will apply to all citizens regardless of sexuality. He also described the discriminatory Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell as “bizarre”. His website elaborates:

Twenty-four of the nations serving alongside U.S. forces in Iraq permit open service, and it has no negative impact on their forces or the morale of the soldiers. Joe Biden believes turning away patriotic Americans who volunteer to serve solely because of their sexual orientation is wrong.

Biden’s also committed to ending discrimination based on gender, race and sexual orientation. Linking his family’s struggle with people of every ilk, Biden’s virtual digs explain the politico’s position:

While workplace discrimination is not as obvious as when Joe Biden’s ancestors faced “No Irish Need Apply,” signs, today minorities, women, and gays hear excuses like, “she won’t fit in,” or “he’s too qualified,” as employers pass on them. It may be subtle, but it’s hate in the heart, nevertheless.

Assuming there is a heart, of course…