Bieber Retires, Miley Tongues A Lady, “Ultimate Gay Fighter” Gets Gayer & More!


– When I first saw the title “Disney Men without Beards” I immediately thought that Aladdin had finally dumped Jasmine and moved into a condo with Jafar. This is almost as good.

Justin Bieber claims he’s “officially retiring” but assures fans that being a Belieber is a “lifestyle” (and here I thought it was a congenital birth defect). Bieber also warned the world that he would be here forever in all caps because he’s apparently the anti-Christ (and here I swore it was Taylor Swift).

– Tween titan Rocco Ritchie is following in his mom Madonna‘s eerily ripped footsteps by werqing on his fitness.

– People just shouldn’t be allowed to have kids if they’re going to name them after a soft drink.

newyear3These photos brought up some wonderful memories from a past life spent face-down in a pile of cocaine and/or my own vomit. God I miss the ’70s.

1501698_10152143741726171_1597078935_n– Witches! They’re just like us. Angela Bassett, however, just rides Kathy Bates around. Side-saddle.

Kanye West vowed not to talk shit for the next six months. That means he’s either going to die from blockage or just go full-blown diarrhea on the entire world at year’s end. The Yeocalypse is nigh.

– After realizing that someone wasn’t looking directly at her for a few seconds, Miley Cyrus got a little sapphic with supermodel/bff Cara Delevingne.

– Mobile video game Ultimate Gay Fighter released its second trailer featuring the conservative, right-wing, tea-bagging villains of The League of Self Righteous Zealots (LOSRZ):


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  • AmberMakitos

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  • jimbryant

    Miley Cyrus is such an embarrassment. I can’t stand these women who kiss women for attention. They are almost-prostitutes whose aim is to titillate straight guys. We don’t need these women in our community.

    They do enormous harm to the image of GLBT rights. Both Miley and the Victoria’s Secret scrubbers can take a hike.

  • Tyler100


    Speaking of people who do things for attention, JimBryant lashes out at gay men, liberals and women because he loves getting a rise out of people. Because he has no life and never gets laid. Nobody gives him the time of day. Not his family. Not strangers. Not anyone. And he’s ever so peeved about it.

    He’s an embarrassment to the gay community and humankind. We don’t need or want him in our community. Thankfully he segregates himself from us with his hate. His views would do enormous harm to the image of GLBT rights if anyone cared what he had to say. Thankfully he’s irrelevant, if not hugely irritating. JimBryant can take a hike, hopefully off a cliff.

  • 2eo

    I think it’s time it was pointed out @jimbryant: and @Tyler100: are in fact the same person.

  • Eldred

    @jimbryant: Every comment of yours that I read is always some awful negative shit. The fuck is wrong with you?

  • jimbryant


    The world is a negative place. It is constantly geared towards protecting the rights of sleazy straight guys and their female enablers.

    We need to point out the cooperation between sleazy straight guys and their female enablers, a cooperation which has caused the oppression of gay and bisexual men.

  • zoompietro

    I just can’t see Aladdin going for Jafar unless it’s strictly the Big Red Genie version, otherwise he’s one of the least sexy Disney villains.

  • iMort

    @Eldred: Your world is a negative place.

  • BiL

    Apparently La Bieber isn’t retiring after all. According to “sources” Bieber totally meant something else. “I know it’s true because I saw it on the internet” – Eleanor Roosevelt

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