Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons Comes Out In NY Times Profile

Confirming what Queerty and other sources have been saying for years, Emmy-winning Big Bang Theory actor Jim Parsons has revealed he’s gay in a profile in the New York Times.

But if you think the article is some lengthy coming-out saga, it’s not: Parsons’ sexuality is only referenced once, in passing:

The Normal Heart resonated with him on a few levels: Mr. Parsons is gay and in a 10-year relationship, and working with an ensemble again onstage was like nourishment, he said.

Of course, he was being interviewed about the Broadway revival of Harvey, in which he plays Elwood P. Dowd, a sweet man who believes he communicates with a 6’3″ invisible bunny. (Jimmy Stewart immortalized the role in the 1950 film.)

But given that the play is about a grown man seemingly trapped in an adolescent fantasyland, you’d think the subject would come up organically.

Parsons has been doing the orientation tango for some time now: He thanked his longtime partner, Todd Spiewak, at the Golden Globes. But he rattled his name off with a host of others, as so many other closeted actors have done.

Have we reached a point where a major TV star’s coming out is a nonevent? Or is Parsons still trying to fly under the radar—getting free buzz for his Broadway show by coming out discreetly in the Times rather than on the cover of People magazine. We may never know.