“Big Brother 15” Housemate Aaryn Gries Is Made Aware of Her Offensive Remarks

6C8232942-130703-ent-aaryn2-hmed.blocks_desktop_smallBig Brother 15‘s Aaryn Gries has been getting most of the heat out of all the housemates for the racist and homophobic remarks — as well she should since she’s made the most.

During last nights live airing, host Julie Chen addressed the housemates if they forget cameras are filming 24/7. When she asked Aaryn directly, the housemate replied:  “I don’t forget … I am a very open person. Everyone who’s here knows a lot about me and America does now.” To which Chen replied: “Yes, we all do.”

Then CBS showed more of Aaryn’s controversial comments recorded, and an interaction with housemate Amanda, who warned Aaryn to “be mindful” of her offensive remarks.

“That’s the most obnoxious, annoying thing I’ve ever heard,” Aaryn replied. “It’s the biggest joke.” “They call me Barbie and all sorts of shit about me being blonde all the time, so what’s the difference?”

She finished her snooty and toddler-ish reply with: “I wish I cared more about this, but I don’t.”

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  • Merv

    I thought that one of the points of the show was to see people as they truly are. Disclosing, even implicitly, that this has stirred a controversy on the outside is going to have a chilling effect on what they say.

  • samfw

    Then maybe they will take this garbage off the air. I’m sorry, but this blonde hate bomb WANTS celerity- evidently at any cost- and CBS is willing to give it to her. Why can’t someone- anyone- have the guts and character to say, “You know what? You are too sickening and repellent to be on national television or inflicted on this nation and we won’t be a party to it.”

  • Kathy

    Rascism is just a bad as physical violence.Last season, you kicked a houseguest out because of physical violence…I think you should eject Aaryn out for mental abuse/racial slurs..Apparently she does not know the extent of what her ctions are doing to not only the people in the house,but outside of the house as well..

  • MK Ultra

    I haven’t actually been following the show but I have looked up many clips on Youtube after hearing about the controversy.
    Wow, this woman really is an awful human being, lacking any self-awareness whatsoever. You can tell her parents never stopped pampering her and now she thinks the world revolves around her.

  • Cam

    Gee, from Texas and somehow plays the victim that she is blonde so she is discriminated against. Let me guess, she’s a member of the Tea Party or Mormon?

  • balehead

    Typical sociopath…they always think they are the victims….

  • d4divine

    @Merv: Chilling? Really?! Lol

  • d4divine

    Wait until she finds out she doesn’t have a job after she leaves that house…she is in for quite a surprise. :-)

  • Charli Girl

    Blah blah blah..who cares what “blondie” has to say. IRRELEVANT !!!

  • mcflyer54

    From the looks of it she chose her hair color. If it’s creating a problem for her maybe she should leave the bleach bottle alone. Easy solution but honestly she LOVES the attention that comes with being blond.

  • hephaestion

    Aaryn Gries is quite disgusting.

    Soon she’ll be hired by Barbara Walters to replace Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

  • tjr101

    She’s a privileged, entitled little twat of a bigot. I’m sure she’s republican.

  • heath0043

    Paula Dean got fired from everywhere because of things she said year ago. wht wasn’t this twit imediately removed from the show?

  • mz.sam

    Paula Dean was fired from the Food Network and therefore lost many of her corporate sponsors stemming from a lawsuit filed against her with co-owner brother for continued racially abusive language and abusive treatment of employees in their restaurant…not for the N-word as Paula alleges to the media for personal sympathy and support. Its all documented in the public transcripts. This should not be compared to the racial and bigoted slurs seen in a dumbed-down summertime reality show…a microscopic view of what our society is truly made of.

  • StudioTodd

    On the UK version, if a housemate says something that might be interpreted as insulting or hateful towards any group of people, they get a verbal warning…if it happens again (or if it is especially egregious), they are immediately removed.

    Seems like a pretty fair policy to me…

  • hephaestion

    @heath0043: Apparently she did get fired by her modelling agency.

  • Homophile

    This is the best thing that’s happened to Big Brother in a long time. They are shitting themselves for getting all this free publicity.

    Seriously, I thought this show ended years ago.

  • Spike

    She is on Big Brother, that makes her way below D-List. Why does anyone care what she thinks or says, seriously?

  • Charli Girl

    What’s big brother anyway? Wasn’t that on like a hundred years ago? Who watches that republican crap anyway 12yr olds?

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