‘Big Brother’ Boy Loving All For Show?

British Big Brother contestant Seany O’Kane made many-a-headline after cuddling and smooching with fellow contestant Gerry Stergiopoulos. Now that 25-year old O’Kane’s been booted, however, his father says he ain’t gay.

My son’s not gay, it was all a game plan. But sadly it was one that backfired on him. I know he kissed Gerry but he is not gay. He was doing it for the cameras. Our boy is always up to tricks. He was playing on the “being gay” thing.

Maybe daddy had a case of the denials, because Seany insists, however, he’s the real lavender deal:

I spoke to my father on the phone within hours of coming out of the house. It was a very emotional call I told him it was true I was gay and he said he was proud of me.

Hey, if you’re going to come out, might as well come out on national television…

Check out the infamous kiss, after the jump…