‘Big Brother’ Boy’s Big Admission

This year’s Big Brother may be the gayest in history – even gayer than Britain’s, which propelled one house mate out of the closet.

Now, we’re not big fans of either the American or the British version, so we’ll take Towleroad’s word for it – not only does this season of the CBS reality show feature to gay ex-lovers who loathe one another (they always do), but there’s also a tantalizing “straight” former (American) footballer, Nick Starcevic, who admits he’s sucked dick. We hate to admit it, but we totally fell into the straight acting fantasy and think it’s hot.

Above you’ll see one of the admitted gays’ (a cute little thing named Joe) drooling over Nick, who seems to love the attention. Good thing he’s now got all of Gayville watching his every muscular move.

(As a side note, are we the only ones not surprised this Starcevic character once worked at Abercrombie and Fitch? We bet he’s a pig bottom.)