“Big Brother” Gets Messy With More Derogatory Racial, Homophobic Slurs

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 3.32.50 PMThe racist Big Brother houseguest America loves to hate may be free from the threat of eviction this week, but that hasn’t stopped fans from continuing forward on a quest to paint every other houseguest on the show as a racist, homophobic bigot.

In the early weeks of the current season, viewers tuning in to watch Big Brother live feeds online (available 24/7, minus competitions and live broadcasts on CBS) had noted several racist and homophobic remarks made by 22-year-old Aaryn Gries. Due to mounting pressure from fans, CBS aired the troublesome content around Week 3, causing Gries’ modeling agency to announce the termination of her contract (and a huge spike in ratings to boot).

As the current Head of Household, Aaryn is not eligible for eviction during tonight’s live broadcast and will remain in the Big Brother house for at least one more week.

But Aaryn may not remain America’s #1 target next week, as a supercut of racist, homophobic, and questionably dangerous remarks made by another houseguest, Amanda Zuckerman, has surfaced online. In the clip below, she can be seen making derogatory comments about the races of other houseguests, as well as snarky quips about Andy, the only gay housemate.

Among the worst comments are references to a black housemate’s hair—”her greasy ass, nappy-hair head”—and pet names the entire house has given Andy, including “Faggedy Ann” and Kermit the Fag.” Early in the clip, Zuckerman claims that “Puerto Ricans are smelly” and later, threatens violence against a fellow housemate.

To be fair, many of Zuckerman’s comments have been announced in group settings to a majority of the household. That’s not to suggest discrimination is ever acceptable in any situation, but why has nobody in the Big Brother house stood up against this vitriol, especially while they’re hearing it in real-time?

Does anyone in the Big Brother 15 house have a backbone?