‘Big Brother’ Is Gay

CBS’ Big Brother returns next week and it’s gayer than ever. Producers have lined up not one, but two fagalas for the reality show’s billionth season! Like, OMG!

And, from what AfterElton tells us, they’re hoping the homos will hook up:

Neil, at the left, and Joshuah, at right, are both openly gay, and the twist of the season seems to be that the producers are playing matchmaker.

All of this year’s hopefuls were asked to fill out a “love match profile” as part of their application and when they enter the house they will be surprised with the discovery that one of the houseguests is meant to be their soul mate.

BS isn’t shying away from the possibility of a gay male match-up. Julie specifically asked if there were only male/female couples, to which Grodner replied, “There will be some gay men in the house, and certainly you can expect, therefore, there won’t all be heterosexual couples.”

Because the two gays are sure to hit it off!