‘Big Brother: UK’ Off To Homophobic Start: New Houseguest Calls For Gays To Be “Shot”

Big_Brother_2014__Who_is_Danielle_McMahon_A Catholic bikini model noted for her religious extremism and anti-gay views is teaching the UK a difficult lesson that its transatlantic neighbor learned the hard way last year: You can’t have someone removed from the Big Brother house simply because they’re offensive.

Danielle McMahon, the 27-year-old lingerie model now living in the Big Brother: UK house, made a stir even before the current season debuted, telling the Star that despite posing topless for Nuts magazine, she’s an extremely religious person that opposes gay marriage because it’s “just not right.” She told the paper that her Catholic beliefs were “a very big part of my day to day life” and that she didn’t plan on holding back once the show started. (We dare you to Google Image her.)

“I’m sticking to it and not moving and I want you to agree with me. If it causes an argument, then so be it. I’m not ever on the fence,” she said, adding that “I’ve got nothing against homosexuals, I just personally don’t believe in same-sex marriage.”

She’s basically the homophobic version of Aaryn Gries, the unabashed racist houseguest that terrorized America during last year’s volatile Big Brother: US season. After making several blatantly racist comments to fellow houseguests, Gries kicked off a witch hunt that vilified nearly everyone in the house for remarks deemed “insensitive” by online viewers.

Naturally, McMahon’s rant has caused a similar reaction across the pond.

Though it hasn’t been reported that she has said anything directly homophobic in the house (there is apparently one gay man on the show), Pink News allegedly dug up some incriminating tweets from her Twitter timeline.

Though Queerty couldn’t confirm or trace the tweets in question (perhaps they’ve been deleted?), it caused enough of a stir to motivate Pink News to reach out to Channel 5 producers.

The tweets allegedly use the term “poofs,” described by the Urban Dictionary as “a British derogatory term for a homosexual male.” She wants them “shot”:

In a series of tweets sent from what appears to be McMahon’s Twitter account last year, McMahon called gay people “poofs” and “freaks”, suggested that they are not actually men, telling them to “man up”.

In one tweet she said: “Just seen a supposed guy use the word lush…. Shoot him, shoot him now How utterly cringe and vile #manup #poof.”

In another, she said: “Men should be men not use the same sayings and do the same things as girls #poof #stepouttheclosetufreak.”

“Urgh some people are so cringe Thank god they are out my life #poof #manupyoucreep”, a third message read.

Though Channel 5 declined comment to Pink News, the network did confirm that they had no intention of removing McMahon from the house.

Hopefully the upcoming cast of Big Brother: US has learned from last year’s mistakes. Let’s try and make it through this season without anyone losing their jobs, mmkay?

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  • Callum17

    I’m not defending her but as a Brit, the word ‘poof’ is a common dergatory term for a homosexual over here, I didn’t even know it meant that and judging by her limited intellect on the show I highly doubt she has any clue what the word actually means or where it was derived from.

  • jwrappaport

    She needs to “woman up” and dress like a Catholic. No lingerie – just a habit and a long black dress.

  • Dxley

    She’s simply too empty-headed to be taken seriously.

  • sportyguy1983

    Anyone who appears on a non-talent based reality show is by nature an offensive person with the IQ of a field mouse. They are all repugnant.

  • hotboyvb81

    I love being judged by some slag who flashes her tits!

  • Spike

    Clearly BB has learned the only way to guarantee free press and ratings it so attract a handful of extreme HGs, otherwise who would know that it’s on and would bother to watch?

    You can guarantee there will be at least one Duck Dynasty.est tea bagger in the US BB Hous.

  • fagburn

    You’d have to be pretty thick to think that’s a real call for a gay man to be shot (for saying ‘lush’!)

  • robirob

    @Spike: So very true. The whole controversy for TV ratings scheme is the reason why I no longer watch Reality TV shows or TV in general.

  • abuelo

    There’s a simple way to deal with these kind of idiots. Blow up your TV. Why are you sitting in front of that thing anyway. Are you expecting someone to serve up something intelligent? They go out and search for freaks who want their 15 minutes of fame in front of a camera to prove how ignorant they are. And people sit there and look at that stuff!? No! Just run from this stuff, It’s bad for you…really

  • Larry

    I just love a person who says they have nothing personally against a group of people, but thinks they should just be shot because. I think she has brain issues. I disagree with a lot of people, but have NEVER advocated anyone be shot on a whim.

  • Curtispsf

    I’m betting she’s used her boobies at confessional to jack off a few Catholic priests.

  • Cam

    I seem to remember a beauty queen over here using her religion and “Morality” to judge gays and come out against gay marriage and became the darling of the right wing bigots………that was just before videos of her naked and fingering herself that she sent to various boyfriends leaked on the net.

    Interesting how their religious morality doesn’t interfere with anything having to do with their own lives.

  • Hillers

    I stopped at “Catholic bikini model.” Hypocrite much?

  • reb00t1

    That’s not credible. Why on earth would she be saying it in association with man-up if she did not know it meant gay? It’s much more a northern word though.

  • Mezaien

    She is just like all fucked up English. We kicked them out of South Africa, we can kick them out of England.

  • james_in_cambridge

    She’s a model? With that face of hers? A model? I assume by model, you mean she’s one of these girls that makes $50 a year from actual modeling and several thousand dollars on her back. Or on her knees.

  • billforsyth

    The fact is that she is on a show which hardly anyone watches on a channel with the same problem .Big brother is desperately trying to stir up controversy in order to gain viewers .The days when this show provided interest for the tabloids are long gone .I doubt that many were even aware that it was still on until this incident .So in one respect her comments have achieved what they were intended to do but the shows days are numbered now that channel 5 has been sold yet again.

  • enlightenone

    Perhaps she would “woman-up” and move to a country that “stone” women. If she will not move, perhaps a “ball” gag will do!

  • Maozedong

    she is too ugly to be model, white women are ugly

  • Cam


    No, you’re an ugly rac-ist, she’s just an unattractive dumbass.

  • James Hart

    She is one DEMENTED girl. It sounds like she should be in Nazi Germany, circa 1938.

  • lcandela123

    @Dxley: agreed. what a brainless little twit.

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