Big bother

Big Brother viewers want contestant removed after his “creepy” advances on gay housemate

“Coming on strong” rarely achieves much more beyond making people exttremely uncomfortable. That’s why some viewers of the latest iteration of Big Brother think the advances of a certain Andrew upon a certain Raph have gone too far. Andrew doesn’t seem swayed by Raph’s firm rejections; they just make him more persistent.

On the July 5th episode, Andrew kept trying to kiss Raph, though it couldn’t be clearer that Raph wasn’t interested.

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Both men are openly gay, and they’ve developed a close friendship while staying at the house.

Andrew admits he’s developed romantic feelings for Raph (which is abundantly clear.)

Andrew first asked Raph for a hug, which Raph went along with, albeit with sour face. That led to a kiss on the cheek, which made the 22-year-old exclaim “Oh my God,” and back away.

You can watch that particular encounter here: 

Andrew kept holding Raph for dear life, with Raph’s back against the wall. Then he went for another kiss on the cheek.

“Raph, please forgive me, please forgive me,” Andrew said.

Raph was visibly upset, firmly refusing Andrew’s offer of another hug.

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Many viewers were uncomfortable with the moment, voicing their displeasure on Twitter.

“Was so bad of andrew to keep continuing trying to do that after raph told him no, he was obviously sooo uncomfortable,” one wrote.

Another said: “Andrew needs to be reprimanded for his conduct, Raph clearly told him to stop, but he ignored and licked his neck and tried to kiss him!”

Other viewers felt Andrew needed to be removed from the show because of the incident.

“Andrew needs to be REMOVED immediately, sexual assault on TV against Raph!,” said one.

Another opined: “Andrew overstepped his boundaries and in other series he would have been removed. Raph was clearly uncomfortable…”

Many viewers said they were simply worried for Raph’s welfare:

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