Big Brother’s Kenny Brain Finally Comes Out, Works Up A Sweat In Tiny White Briefs

kenny-brain-big-brother-working-out-underwearBig Brother Canada‘s resident gay man Kenny Brain has finally come out of the closet to at least one of his fellow housemates — we were so enamored by his beautiful body parading around the house in a onesie that we didn’t even realize he was in hiding!

The Calgary Herald reports Brain was keeping his sexuality a secret in the house in order to further his game. He’d been living in the house for some time, “actively pretending to be straight,” flirting with female housemates and boasting about “ex-girlfriends” to make sure his sexuality wouldn’t put a dent in his chances at winning.

“It was a strategic thing at first,” he told houseguest Sarah Miller on Monday, the first houseguest to hear the news since moving into the Big Brother house in early March.

“This is the first time in my life I’ve ever hidden who I am—I don’t want people to watch this and do the same thing,” he said. “I needed to tell someone or I was going to die.”

Brain has been criticized for sending the wrong message to impressionable young viewers, asserting that sexuality is best left hidden if you’re looking to get ahead in life.

We don’t think it’s all that bad. He only waited a month to reveal it, and we’d much rather have a hot houseguest living in the closet than a racist houseguest living in the 1800’s.

Below, a series of images that prove the entire Big Brother Canada house is blind: