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Big Brother’s Ryan And Hughie Passionately Kiss; Internet Judges Favorably


You must remember this: A kiss is just a kiss… except when that kiss is part of a perfectly crafted Machiavellian scheme that sets off a Rube Goldberg-esque chain of reactions that topples each of your competitors on Big Brother UK like a particularly vapid house of cards.

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Hard to say if that’s the case with Big Brother UK’s Hughie Maughan and Ryan Ruckledge, who appear — appear — quite enamored with one another if what we’ve gleamed from the June 16th episode is to be believed. (It could all just be a set piece; a delicious game.)

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The story so far: Ryan, caught in a stompy drama spiral, comes storming into the house after a fray with Sam Giffen, but that spite melts away instantaneously and gives way to cutesy passion as he spies Hughie and says, “I’ve missed you 20/10.” (Erm, what does that mean?) Then there’s some wanton embracing on a sofa, which gives way to passionate kissing and rumply microphone feedback.

Let it suffice to say, this tryst has not going unnoticed by The Internet: 

And now that we’ve sadistically forced you to scroll through a bunch of tepid Tweets — it was a trap, and you fell right into it — here’s that kiss: