Big Gay Road Trip Across America

In honor of hit gay-indie film Small Town Gay Bar, which recently held showings at SXSW and Sundance, we at Queerty are announcing our first ever (and probably last) Big Gay Road Trip Across America–and we could stop at your town!

showgirls.jpegIn the first weeks of April, our staff will drive from Texas to South Florida, and we’ll stop all through the Deep South along the way, to engage in naughty shenanigans, meet the locals, and highlight the best stuff we find. All our stops will be published here, for the tens few one or two zillions of readers who visit the pages of the award-winning Queerty. And when we visit, we could:

• Bartend for a night in your bar

• Visit the best tourist sites with you

• Come over for dinner and just drink all night (how much fun would that be?!)

Do you have the best Small Town Gay Bar where you live? Does your town have an attraction we absolutely should not miss? To make a suggestion, email