Big Gay Road Trip: Calgary Karaoke


The bad thing about Calgary, Alberta is that all but a couple of the gay clubs have closed in the last year (one gay we talked to said that as the city gets bigger the gay community is getting smaller). The upside though is that the few clubs that are left draw quite a crowd.

The place to be on most nights is the Twisted Element, and Tuesday night there was gay karaoke in their lounge, which you have to enter from the back alley (we’re just used to it by now).


We had a great time singing some old country songs and meeting the locals while drinking $2 draft beer. The host of the night is actually a famous Canadian celebrity that we ended up interviewing for Queerty, but for now we’ll let you guess who he is based on the far-away photo after the jump.

Suzanne was so supportive when we were singing, and so friendly when we weren’t singing that we want to give her a big virtual hug.

Taken from one of Canada’s many back alleys.

This guy specialized in the sad country ballad, and we’re sorry he left so early.

The first person to guess (through Comments) the name of the celebrity host wins all the bragging rights associated with winning such a prestigious guessing game (sorry, we’re hurting for giveaway merch right now). We might be persuaded to give hints.

Twisted Element [Official Site]

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