Big Gay Road Trip: Canada, Adieu

Frank in Sarnia

We left Toronto right on time yesterday to begin our big, gay adventure across the Great White North. After bidding farewell to Canada in the border town of Sarnia, Ontario, the destination was Chicago, and we were excited to get there because so many readers had written to tell us about all the gay fun to be had. But first, we had to get through Michigan.

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Having enjoyed Michael Moore’s film Roger and Me, we couldn’t pass by Flint, MI without seeing first-hand exactly how depressing it is. We stopped at the Courtland Center mall to find a charger for our cell phone and also to eat some delicious Sbarro pizza for lunch.

Courtland Mall Flint Michigan

With an entryway this grand, we knew we were in for a treat.

Courtland Mall Flint Michigan

Sunday afternoon at the Courtland mall was the place to be for local couples looking to go out for a romantic afternoon stroll. We felt that everyone was giving us dirty looks just for being skinny, and after yesterday, we think there may be merit in the theory that plus-size is becoming the new average.