Big Gay Road Trip: Chicago Landmarks


A trip to the Windy City wouldn’t be complete without a photo in front of the impressive Buckingham Fountain (aka the Married With Children Fountain), so here I am. Throughout our two-day visit here in Chicago, we have been so impressed with how clean and well-landscaped the city is. The waterfront is pristine and gorgeous, the sidewalks are free of poop and garbage, and even the cross-town expressway is attractive and well-designed. Walk with us after the jump.

This precious little bunny was hopping among all the flowers in one of the English-style gardens in the Chicago waterfront park. We hope he is smart enough not to hop into the six-lane road nearby.

Celebrity architect Frank Gehry designed this impressive bandshell in Chicago’s Millenium Park. Gehry’s work is always very popular with the gays. It must be all the brushed steel. Anyway, here is a nice photo so you can all begin to coo with admiration.

This building is featured prominent in our favorite Elisabeth Shue movie. One guess. Okay, if you really can’t figure it out, click here.

When you start to see these giant towers, you know you’ve entered the gay neighborhood. You might wonder where the subtle little flags hanging from the lamp posts are. Well they’re just too subtle. We need poles! Big rainbow poles!

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