Big Gay Road Trip Encounter: Joe


We wanted to pick just the right person to interview at Sidetrack, considering it was showtunes night, and no one impressed us more than Joe, who knew all the words to most of the songs and pretended to know the rest.

A very talented graphic designer/singer/emoter, we think Joe has a future in show business if he learns some of the male roles.

Read our full interview with Joe after the jump.

Queerty: Why do you like to hang out at Sidetrack?
Joe: The showtunes mostly, and you can meet a lot of people.
Q: Are you an actor?
J: Yes.
Q: Do you do musical theater?
J: Yes.
Q: Where did you study?
J: I took lessons. I didn’t really go to school for it. I’m a graphic designer.
Q: Would you bring your mom here?
J: It’s one of the only bars I would bring my parents to. Some pretty crazy stuff happens at the other ones around here. [Editor’s note: Watching fag hags sing along to Ursula the Sea Witch is pretty crazy in our opinion]
Q: What is the best reason for gays to come to Chicago?
J: The nightlife, definitely. People stay out late [Editor’s note: last call is at 1:45 am]. Plus there is a place for everybody here.
Q: Why does everyone in Chicago love musical theater so much?
J: People see what’s happening in New York and they want to recreate it here. Musical theater is definitely becoming more popular in Chicago.
Q: Do you ever wish you lived in New York?
J: No, I don’t wish I lived there. I like Chicago because it is less competitive.
Q: What was the last show you saw?
J: The 10 Commandments: The Musical. It’s up-and-coming.
Q: Who is your musical theater hero?
J: Patty Lupone

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