Big Gay Road Trip Encounter: Joe


We wanted to pick just the right person to interview at Sidetrack, considering it was showtunes night, and no one impressed us more than Joe, who knew all the words to most of the songs and pretended to know the rest.

A very talented graphic designer/singer/emoter, we think Joe has a future in show business if he learns some of the male roles.

Read our full interview with Joe after the jump.

Queerty: Why do you like to hang out at Sidetrack?
Joe: The showtunes mostly, and you can meet a lot of people.
Q: Are you an actor?
J: Yes.
Q: Do you do musical theater?
J: Yes.
Q: Where did you study?
J: I took lessons. I didn’t really go to school for it. I’m a graphic designer.
Q: Would you bring your mom here?
J: It’s one of the only bars I would bring my parents to. Some pretty crazy stuff happens at the other ones around here. [Editor’s note: Watching fag hags sing along to Ursula the Sea Witch is pretty crazy in our opinion]
Q: What is the best reason for gays to come to Chicago?
J: The nightlife, definitely. People stay out late [Editor’s note: last call is at 1:45 am]. Plus there is a place for everybody here.
Q: Why does everyone in Chicago love musical theater so much?
J: People see what’s happening in New York and they want to recreate it here. Musical theater is definitely becoming more popular in Chicago.
Q: Do you ever wish you lived in New York?
J: No, I don’t wish I lived there. I like Chicago because it is less competitive.
Q: What was the last show you saw?
J: The 10 Commandments: The Musical. It’s up-and-coming.
Q: Who is your musical theater hero?
J: Patty Lupone

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  • Logan

    Editors: Last call in Chicago is not 1:45 AM! The small bars have licenses that let them run until 2AM, but there are other bars and clubs in Chicago that go until much later…

  • Kevin

    Here’s the deal with Chicago. Bars either close at 2 or 4 Sun – Fri, depending on the license. On Saturday bars get an extra hour, meaning they either close at 3 (2 o’clock license) or 5 (4 o’clock license). I’m not out to promote Sidetrack since I hardly ever go there, but I am out to promote Chicago!! Having lived in S.F., DC, NOLA, Philadelphia and some other places I’d rather forget, Chicago is overall the best city in the country. And having visited many places in other countries, it’s one of the top cities in the world. Come for the Gay Games and you’ll want to move here.

  • David Hauslaib, Jossip

    If a bar closes at 2am, then it does make sense last call is at 1:45am .. enough time for you to get to the bar and order your drink before the bar is legally required to stop serving.

  • ronald

    in response to kevin’s post re: chicago. i have lived here 8 years and would have to disagree with the comment that chicago is one of the top cities of the world…(mmm NYC or London) chicago is way provincial, made up of mostly small minded midwesterners who do not want to know about the rest of the world. and i have to say the snottiest most tired fags on the planet. which is why i’m moving to philly.

  • Boomer

    Buh Bye Ronald…we won’t miss ya!

  • ronald

    and that witty response speaks mightly toward what i stated.

  • Sven

    Welcome to Chicago, Queerty!

  • Kevin

    To Ronald: I’ll try not to be too snide. While NYC and London are great — and true cities, unlike, say LA — I’d rank Chicago up there with the best of them. Of course, it depends on how you’re ranking them. Number/quality of people? Gay people? Theatres? Shopping? Etc. FOR ME, and a lot of other people I’ve met, Chicago is the best city overall in the U.S., especially when you factor in cost of living vs. what you get from the city. When it comes to “world” cities, Chicago is among the tops, but not THE top. Amsterdam is great. London is fun and scenic. Tokyo is somewhat amazing. Sydney is fantastic. The list could go on. You may not have enjoyed your time here, but the city will continue thrive and continue to amaze!

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