Big Gay Road Trip Encounter: Lewis


Lewis came to Chicago via Belize, and wouldn’t live anywhere else in the world, except maybe New York. He has done some “gay modelling” locally, but we won’t delve too deeply into what that means.

We took a few minutes out of his evening at Roscoe’s last night to ask him a few questions about his home city. He proved to be very friendly. Read his full interview after the jump.

Queerty: Why do you like to hang out at Roscoe’s?
Lewis: There are a lot of young, hot white boys. Plus it’s fun and really cheap. Pitchers of Long Island Iced Tea are only $10. Here, try some of mine.
Q: Would you bring your mom here?
L: If she were alive, yes. She was a very personable woman.
Q: Do people ever hook up in the bathroom here?
L: Yes, of course. You wanna go hook up in the bathroom?
Q: What’s the best night of the week to come to Roscoe’s?
L: Friday night is a busy night. All the professionals are off for the weekend.
Q: What’s the best reason that the gays should visit Chicago?
L: You can go out by yourself and still have a good time. It’s a very open, personable, and friendly city. Look at me. I’m out by myself tonight and I’m having a great time!
Q: Did you lose your virginity in Chicago?
L: No, in Belize. But I guess I fucked for the first time officially in Chicago, with my first boyfriend. So yes.
Q: Do you ever wish you lived in New York?
L: Yes, I’ve heard it’s a great city. I’ve always wanted to go.

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