Big Gay Road Trip: Gio’s

We were lucky to be in Winnipeg on Friday night, because that is the wild night at Gio’s, the favorite club in town where we met Destiny the night before.


The place was jam-packed by the time we arrived around 1am, and entering we were happy to see a sharply dressed crowd with a disproportionatly high number of attractive men and ladies. The dancefloor was bumping, and the large back patio was filled with diehard smokers lighting up in the rain.


Within five minutes of entering the bar, Queerty readers (and Road Trip fans) Mike, Mark, and Kenny recognized us immediately and bought us some drinks. They introduced us to all their cute friends at the bar and made sure we had a great time. Kenny threw an afterparty at his beautiful house in the lesbian neighborhood of Winnipeg so we didn’t get much sleep that night. Who would have thought that Winnipeg would be one of the highlights of our trip so far? We got some nice photos of the beautiful people at Gio’s so make sure you look after the jump.

These are Queerty readers Mark (l) and Mike (r). They were so welcoming to us that we wanted to give them a big shout-out and thank you. Plus they’re cute and we figured you would enjoy that.

The boy on the left is 19, and the one on the right is probably younger than that, but they have their clothes on so we’re not doing anything wrong.

Kat and Danette were like this the whole night. They are engaged to be married in July since you can do that in Canada.

Kenny (r) had the most beautiful house and threw the most fun afterparty of our trip, and we want to thank him again for his hospitality.

Gio’s [Official Site]

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