Big Gay Road Trip: Headquarters


On our way out of Saskatoon, we stopped in for a bite to eat at Headquarters, which is a spacious bar that is known for hosting some wild gay events. As he made our BLTs, owner Dave told us about what’s coming up this summer.


June 15: The theme for Saskatoon Pride this year is “Queer We Go Again,” which we don’t really understand, but the Headquarters toga party promises to be a free-flowing and free-balling night of local guys with no underwear. Oh yes, and there will be hedonism: lots of it.

July 15: The one-year celebration of Headquarters. Dave and his partner, who manages the bar, got city approval to use the back alley and parking lot to create a giant beer garden behind the bar. Queerty loves beer gardens, especially when they are full of cute gays and not drunk fratboys (though that can be fun in a different way).

Saskatoon Pride [Official Site]

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