Big Gay Road Trip: Texas, Pt. 2

Day 1, 7:00 PM: Houston is home to two of America’s favorite fashion designers: Tina Knowles, guru of those glamorous Destiny’s Child outfits and owner of gorgeous gorgeous sequin-you-to-death House Of Dereon; and our new friend…

chloe final.jpg

Project Runway champion and owner of Lot 8, Chloe Dao.

I couldn’t pass up the chance to stop by Lot 8–not only to catch a glimpse of Miss Chloe, but my friend and I wanted to check out her store and see those clothes she was whipping up on the show.

First of all, Lot 8 business is quite brisk these days–the place was swarming with people, far beyond the “trendy because it’s on TV” crowd. Luckily my friend and I caught Chloe on a break from “cutting.” And for those of you who don’t know the lingo, that means she was making clothes. But I know that now. Chloe told me so.

Well-made and stylish, the clothes are just as cute as the ebbulient Chloe herself; we loved the assortment of ladies’ flowy summer dresses, we drooled over the racks of hard-to-find jeans, and of course we almost cried at the sight of those Project Runway gowns. Check the pages of any fashion magazine, and you’ll see Chloe is nailing the 80’s-throwback trend that’s going to be huge in upcoming seasons. We wonder about the viability of certain other Project Runway winners–but Chloe makes clothes we want to wear. Brava.

chloe's dress 1chloe's dress 2