Big Hair, Reality TV And Country Music Collide In “Branson Famous”

Yee-haw! Reality TV is goin’ high class country with Branson Famousthe first-ever “reality television musical.” That’s right, we said “reality television musical.”

The show centers around the Mabe family, who run a variety show in the popular tourist town of Branson, Missouri. Naturally, they’ve fallen on hard times. Ticket sales aren’t what they used to be, but the Mabes are determined to restore their act to its former glory, come hell or high water.

Prepare yourself for familial dramas galore, complete with big hair, cowboy hats, sparkly dresses, and decorative fringe. There’s the little sister who dreams of being a star but is relegated to the gift shop, the aging dancer desperate for a marriage proposal, and the forward-thinking fella who just wants to modernize the darned thing already, with a few ancient family grudges, dashed dreams, long-standing rivalries, and improvised musical confessionals thrown in for good measure.

Sounds like a honky tonk good time to us!

Check out the teaser trailer for Branson Famous below. And don’t forget to tune into the premiere on TruTV at 10/9C December 29, ya’ll!

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