Pens Letter Diagnosing Gays As "Irresponsible," Worse Than Litterers

Bigwig Brit Doc’s Anti-Gay Call?

A British doctor needs a lesson in good medicine.

In a piece for Pulse, a magazine for general practitioners, the president of the Islamic Medical Association, Dr Muhammad Siddiq allegedly wrote:

There is punishment and fine if you throw rubbish or filth in the streets. The gays are worse than the ordinary careless citizen. They are causing the spread of disease with their irresponsible behavior. They are the root of many sexually transmitted diseases.

Siddiq also wrote that gays need “the stick of the law to put them on the right path”.

That sounds like some repressed shit right there.

Following a blast of rightful outrage, Siddiq tried to weasel out of the embarrassing situation by claiming his son wrote the offensive piece. Secularism‘s report, however, suggests otherwise:

When the magazine checked with Dr Siddiq, he made no effort to deny that these were his views. Allegedly, he has privately told his colleagues that he had actually written the letter.

Now a number of good doctors are calling for Siddiq’s head, saying he should undergo a “fitness-to-practice” exam. If he fails, they say, his license should be suspended. We say fuck the test, send him back to medical school.

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  • Leland Frances

    And just when I thought all Islamists luved us, really luved us. Seriously, as if we weren’t still having enough problems with the Judeo-Xtian fascists…..

  • cjc

    Wonder if he was friends with any of the lot who tried to blow up the Glasgow airport?

  • abelincoln

    Well, I half agree with him…. littering is immoral.

  • Oscar

    I thought that muslims were the # 1 litterers. Doesn’t anybody remembers the enormous amount of trash that Sept. 11 attack caused. Muslims should be make accountables for the NYC cleaning bill after Sept. 11 attack. A special tax should be put on every muslim owened bussines and on every mosque in the USA. Make them sobs pay for the mess they created. If they do not want to pay deport them all in a big ship and sink it in the middle of the Atlantic

  • Oscar

    I forgot to say that I’m not a racist. I just do not like any of them Islam fanatics. I do not discriminate, I do not like any of them. Not even the ones in Ohlala guys. By the way, has anybody notice how many of those guys there are from the Middle East?. I really think that they are in there to see if they can catch somebody in the closet so they can blackmail him. When I first sign on Ohlala most guys where from Europe, now majority are from muslim countries and I thought homosexuality was prohibited in those countries (Iran, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, etc…) Be careful guys, something stinks in that site.

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