Bill and Melinda Gates Donate $500,000 For Marriage Equality in Washington

Bill and Melinda Gates have donated $500,000 to Washington United for Marriage, the campaign to pass Referendum 74, which preserves the state’s new gay marriage law.

Washington United announced the donation today, though it was made on October 15.

In thanking the Gates, Washington United campaign manager Zach Silk also mentioned New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who just donated $250,000 of his own money to the cause.

“These amazing gifts, from two visionary leaders, demonstrate their confidence in our campaign which families across Washington state are counting on us to win,” said Silk. “They join tens of thousands of individual donors and their call to action, coming as it does in these final days, is an inspiration to every supporter of the freedom to marry.”

Referendum 74 asks voters to either approve or reject the law allowing same-sex marriage, passed by the Legislature and signed by Gov. Christine Giguere in February.

The Gates have already donated $100,000 to Washington United earlier this year. Actually, to date, Washington United for Marriage has brought in almost $11 million—that’s compared to a little more than $2 million raked in by those foes of equality at Preserve Marriage Washington.

Lets hope you can buy an election!


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