Bill Clinton Blasts Student’s DOMA Challenge

Bill Clinton could give hot head John McCain a run for his money!

The former president gets a little snap happy with Smith College journalist Lily Lamboy when their conversation turns to the Defense of Marriage Act, which “Bubba” signed in 1996. That law effectively protects states from other states’ marriage laws, ie: a Massachusetts marriage does not have to be honored in Utah, an example that comes up numerous times in this heated exchange.

We have to give Lamboy credit, because girl’s got balls. She started the conversation by quoting singer Melissa Etheridge, who last year accused the Clintons of “throwing the gays under the bus” with regard to DOMA, which many gays consider to be an impediment to equality. Clinton doesn’t agree and justifies his actions by putting them in context. Lamboy, bless her, then presses him on his beliefs, but he’s quick to remind her that it’s Hillary who matters. It’s downhill from there:

BC: Let me ask you this: do you believe there will be more or fewer efforts to ban gay marriage constitutionally around the country if a Massachusetts marriage has to be sanctified in Utah?

LL: I –

BC: Yes or no. Answer the question. We live in the real world here.

LL: Sir, I understand. It’s a political backlash.

BC: No, not a political backlash. As a substantive backlash: the lives of gay people. Will there be more or fewer gay couples free of harassment if the law is that every gay couple in America could go to Massachusetts, get married and it would then had it recognized in Utah?

LL: But when is that going to change if you’re not going to set a firm stance.

BC: So you don’t care what the practical implications are?

It’s at about this point that Lamboy broke down in tears. Psych, she handled herself like a pro.