Takes On Craig's "Self-Hatred"

Bill Clinton Feels For Larry Craig

Bill Clinton holds no grudges. The former President appeared on Larry King Live last night to discuss his wife, Hillary, as well as his new book.

Of course King couldn’t resist bringing up Larry Craig, the Republican Senator who famously – and hilariously! – took on Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Is Clinton jumping for joy over Craig’s downfall? Hardly.

In addition to offering some empathy, the politico also takes a stab at analyzing Craig and others’ self-hatred.

Check out the transcript, after the jump.

Via CNN:

CLINTON: …think we ought to recognize that this is a very traumatic time for him and his family. And whatever happens or doesn’t, most of his political career was behind him. So whatever your party, we should be hoping that he and his family can work through this in a way that leaves them as whole as possible.

KING: Did you get any sense of satisfaction, since he was such a critic of yours during the impeachment thing, and using terms very demeaning about you?



CLINTON: No. Because when it was going on, I knew that, you know, a lot of them were outed for hypocrisy long before this. And everybody knew that — every serious student of the Constitution knew that the whole thing was bogus and that they were just jumping on a terrible personal mistake I made.

KING: And one other thing in that area. What do you make, just as a student of life, of people who rail against things they do themselves?

CLINTON: I think maybe it is a little — I don’t know, subconscious self-hatred. Maybe it is a desire to avoid being caught, maybe it is just a desire to deal with what they can perceive to be the social and political realities that they found themselves in.

He came from a very conservative culture in Idaho. I think it has the smallest number of Democrats in the state legislature in the country. I don’t know. But I just know right now he and his family have got to be hurting.