Bill Comes Out For Barack In Florida

Barack Obama and Bill Clinton were total besties in Florida last night!

With less than a week until the election, Obama’s campaign harnessed former President Clinton to stump in the highly contested Sunshine State, a state where Clinton remains immensely popular. While the politicians haven’t always gotten along this election season, there couldn’t have been more love in Kissimmee last night.

Taking the stage first, Clinton did all he could to convince voters that Obama’s got the policies, philosophies and heart to lead this nation back to the heights to which Clinton brought it in the 1990s.

Folks, we can’t fool with this. Our country is hanging in the balance and we have so much promise and so much peril. This man should be our president, all of our president.

And he’s going to be our president unless the American people forget what the election’s about. This election is about restoring the American dream and giving poor people their shot at it and restoring America’s standing as the world’s leading nation for peace and prosperity. Diplomacy first, military force as a last resort, bring the troops home from Iraq, be a force for peace and get this economy going.

The presidential campaign is the greatest job interview in the world. And on Tuesday you get to make the hire. If you’re my age, you think about your children and the grandchildren you want to have. If you are young you think about the future you want them to have — if you are young you think about the children you want to bring into the world and what you want for them. There’s not any real question here, this is not a close question.

If you make the decision based on who can best get us out of the ditch, who’s got the best philosophy, the best positions, the best ability and the best judgment I think it’s clear. The next president of the United States should be and with your help, will be, Senator Barack Obama.

Obama obviously loved the adoration – he began his speech thusly:

In case all of you forgot, this is what it’s like to have a great President. It is such an honor and a privilege to have been joined here tonight by a great president, a great statesman, a great supporter in our campaign to change America, Bill Clinton, give it up. Nobody, nobody makes the case for change that works for the middle class like President Bill Clinton. Nobody.

Here’s some video of Bubba working the crowd…

[Image via NY Times]