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Bill Donohue’s Defense of Abusive Priests Travels to Chile

If a 17-year old guy has sex with an older guy for twenty years, and continues to have sex with him at the age of 38–while he is married with children–is there anyone who would believe his claim that he was sexually abused? The answer is yes: the New York Times would. That’s exactly what happened in the case described in today’s newspaper involving a homosexual affair between Chilean priest Fr. Fernando Karadima, now 79, and Dr. James Hamilton, now 44. Why would the New York Times try to sell this so-called abuse story with a straight face? For two reasons: it wallows in stories designed to weaken the moral authority of the Catholic Church, and it is so gay-friendly as to be gay-crazy.

—Bill Donohue, the Catholic League’s hate leader, in a release titled, “Not All Gay Sex is Abusive.” Look at Bill, taking back the “gay sex can be positive” meme!

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  • EdWoody

    The words almost refuse to come out of mouth, but he’s actually right. “pedophile” has one of those hysterical buzz words, like “terrorist,” that has lost all meaning through overuse. So much so that a person can barely be in the same room with a child without feeling reflexively guilty.

  • B

    The New York Times is right, of course: it is “sexual abuse” legally because the age of consent in Chile is 18. Aside from the legal definition, it seems that (if their accounts are true) some of the victims would not tell the priest to get lost because of the priest’s position in the church, so the sex charges qualify as abuse in the same way that a manager soliciting sex from an employee might qualify.

    Bill Donahue’s statement as quoted above about the New York Times simply confirm that Donahue is a liar – the article was hardly biased. It reported the charges that were made publicly (by several separate individuals) and also that those charges are being questioned by some other people. It will take time before it is sorted out.

  • christopher di spirito

    Bill Donahue is a clown.

  • Tom

    Donohue seems to always be full of anger or something else. What does it say about an institution for which you are advocating when you are constantly angry and having to either defend it or attack people who disagree with it?

  • ewe

    Donahue is demented. He will dismiss the entire child abuse scandal around the globe with this one example. Why anyone even bothers giving him notice is beyond me.

  • Kieran

    I think if all the men in the world suddenly looked and sounded like Bill Donohue, I’d finally be “cured” of my homosexuality.

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