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Bill Donohue’s Defense of Abusive Priests Travels to Chile

If a 17-year old guy has sex with an older guy for twenty years, and continues to have sex with him at the age of 38–while he is married with children–is there anyone who would believe his claim that he was sexually abused? The answer is yes: the New York Times would. That’s exactly what happened in the case described in today’s newspaper involving a homosexual affair between Chilean priest Fr. Fernando Karadima, now 79, and Dr. James Hamilton, now 44. Why would the New York Times try to sell this so-called abuse story with a straight face? For two reasons: it wallows in stories designed to weaken the moral authority of the Catholic Church, and it is so gay-friendly as to be gay-crazy.

—Bill Donohue, the Catholic League’s hate leader, in a release titled, “Not All Gay Sex is Abusive.” Look at Bill, taking back the “gay sex can be positive” meme!