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Bill Maher: Glee Is Indeed Shoving ‘The Gay Thing’ Down Our Throat. Obama Needs To Run With It

Bill Maher, who sometimes says really obnoxious things just to get a rise out of his guests, was dead right with his latest “New Rule.” Aimed at President Obama, Maher declares that “now that a Cheney, a McCain, and a Bush have come out to support gay marriage, it’s your turn Obama.” Zing!

As you know by now, it was our April Fool’s prank that attempted to convince you Obama had evolved so much on the issue that he was going to officiate a gay wedding. And while he believes not permitting legal gay marriages to be recognized violates the constitution, Obama has yet to publicly declare he thinks gays should have the innate right to wed.

“I’d like to congratulate the leadership of Democratic party who really stood up for right,” says Maher. “I’d like to, but I can’t.” Because they’re all pussies. “Unlike the Democrats, when Republicans believe in things that the public doesn’t, their response is: ‘Fuck it, we’ll make them believe.’ Like attacking Iraq, to avenge 9/11. Like convincing a country that badly wanted health care reform, that they actually didn’t want it.” Victoria Jackson said Glee is forcing “the gay thing” down our throats. If only that were enough to convince politicians to attempt it.

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