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Bill Maher Interviews Charlie Sheen’s Goat Milk-Pushing HIV “Doctor”

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The doctor who angered HIV/AIDS activists by using goat milk treatments (among other things) to “cure” Charlie Sheen’s HIV stopped by Real Time With Bill Maher to deny the effectiveness of modern medicine share the meaning behind his unorthodox methods.

Samir Chachoua claims he successfully treated Sheen’s HIV (he didn’t) and that conventional HIV/AIDS therapy wreaks havoc on the body. HBO’s platform for his views has, of course, angered HIV/AIDS activists.

Legendary AIDS activist Peter Staley went off on his Facebook page against Chachoua and Real Time for featuring him:

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During the squirmy interview, Maher and Chachoua pretty much ignore the fact that Sheen went back on conventional therapy after giving Chachoua’s treatment a shot.

Watch Bill Maher being Bill Maher below, and try not to get too angry. On second thought, get angry because this is utter insanity.

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  • Daniel Romero

    I can’t believe people believe in this fucked up quackery

  • Brian

    HIV drugs DO wreak havoc on the body. They absolutely do. They’re a money-making scheme for the big drugs companies and the scientific researchers who have benefited directly from the wealth they generate.

    HIV doesn’t cause AIDS. AIDS is a stage that is reached as a result of the immune system being destroyed by recreational drug use, venereal diseases and general poor upkeep of the human body. HIV is a marker, not the cause.

    Those who attack people who point to the danger of AIDS drugs are strangely silent about the havoc that recreational drug use wreaks on the human body, aren’t they? It seems that recreational drug use – such as poppers, crystal meth etc – is widely accepted within the gay community because it brings “fun” to people’s lives even though it eventually may kill them.

    Message to the gay community: you are pathetic hypocrites.

  • Stache

    @Brian: Well, once again you jumped the shark. What’s the excuse for people in Africa who make up the largest % of Hiv/cases cases.

  • Derek Perron

    I was skeptical at first but he did have some good points

  • NoCagada

    @Brian: From time to time, I try to have a shred of respect for you as a human. I have realized you are not deserving of any.

    You are truly ONE SICK FUCK.

  • Stache

    @Derek Perron: I’ll stay skeptical until he puts it up for critical review and not base it on CS or some small obscure country saying everyone’s cured.

  • Brian

    @NoCagada: Nobody cares about your inane comments and nobody ever will.

  • Winter79

    In the immortal words of Captain Malcolm Reynolds, my days of not taking Brian seriously are certainly coming to a middle.

  • huckchuck

    @Brian: Brian, I would like to flip the argument over, and suggest that non-suppressed HIV in otherwise healthy, non-substance abusing adults would wreak greater havoc on the human body than the antiretroviral HIV drugs. Living with a perpetually suppressed immune system is far more dangerous to one’s health.

    To counter your point suggesting that AIDS is a “stage that is reached as a result of the immune system being destroyed by recreational drug use” lets go back to our otherwise healthy and substance free adult. Say he catches the flu on the subway. His already weak immune system allows the flu to become much worse than normal, resulting in hospitalization. His immune system doubly weak from HIV and the flu causes his HIV to go to full blown AIDS. Such a scenario seems quite possible, right? Surely nobody would disagree that habitual crystal meth use will walk someone down a path to AIDS, but it surely is also not the only path.

  • onthemark

    @Brian: That crackpot theory was discredited wa-a-a-ay back in the 1980s when it was trumpeted by Peter Douchebag, I mean Peter Duesberg, and the defunct newspaper the New York Native. Oh, it may have been worth a look THIRTY YEARS AGO but it was proved incorrect.

  • inbama

    Ah, the New York Native blaming HIV on everything EXCEPT the HIV virus.
    So many people died because of that rag.

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