Bill Maher Under Catholic Fire

Catholics are waging war against Bill Maher, who recently took some time to not mourn Evangelical Reverend Jerry Falwell.

During his riotous oration on his HBO show, Real Time with Bill Maher, the 51-year old comedian suggested that gays may gain more rights if we just started a rear-ended religion and offered some clever excuses for gay sex:

We weren’t having sex, officer, I was performing a very private Mass, here in my car. I was letting my rod and staff comfort him. Take this and eat of it, for this is my roommate Barry.

Hilarious, right? Not according to conservative media watchdog group, Media Research Center.

Director of MRC’s Culture and Media Institute, Robert Knight derided Maher’s allegedly anti-Catholic send-up:

If Don Imus’s offensive racial joke was too much for the public to bear, certainly Maher’s sickening description of the Mass and Communion as graphic homosexual sex acts is beyond the pale.

Some people have no sense of humor, huh? Nor, it seems, can they differentiate between calling people “nappy headed hoes” and making a political statement about the uncivil state of queer civil rights.

Bill Maher ‘makes Imus look like a saint’ [World Net Daily]

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  • dan

    bummer…catholics don’t have any better sense of humor than the homos who got all indignantly squealy about this monologue when you first posted it here…hypersensitivity is so boring.

  • jack e. jett

    Perhaps they (catholicks) should learn to keep their dicks in their own skirts and out of the asses of little boys.


  • Jeremy

    Why is it that conservatives are bigots if they even elude to disagreeing with someone, but the left can absolute slam a conservative or Christian group and it’s, “Take a joke”? Why don’t the girls Imus offended just, “Take a joke”?

  • Dawster

    that’s a totally unfair connection. Imus, a white man in a power position wasn’t making a joke, he made a racist slip… as a side comment as if it were something he would say every day.

    Bill was making a joke AGAINST those in the opressive power position and it was an ACTUAL, well-crafted joke for the purpose of giving comedy of the absurd. there is a major difference.

    (on a side note, Imus was a more of a victim of media hype, however, he was a repeat “offender” of this side-comment-esque racist comments… and his stupid comments were really the last straw. Bill was raised a Catholic and makes fun of all religions equally.

    if Catholics are that upset about his humor, they should go to God in prayer and ultimately forgive Bill… as Jesus would command.)

  • Eric

    Maher is highlighting Falwell’s, and groups such as his, hypocrissy. The fact that some people are crying foul about it isn’t to do with being hypersensitive OR unable to take a joke; it is this somewhat forgotten thing called stupidity. Such groups would likely view Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” in the literal because to so many of them the world really is black or white, true or false, right or wrong. When someone like Bill Maher lampoons those views, I think it’s necessary for a country such as ours.

  • Ash

    I say we take “A Modest Proposal” literally and apply it to abortions. Instead of discarding aborted fetus parts, we could eat them, that way their precious little lives wouldn’t go to waste. Who’s with me?

  • john

    umm, a jump to abortion. I say we ban abortion and let the catholics raise the children. They need more kids to molest and brainwash anyway. Maybe they can eat them during lent when they turn 13 (or grow pubes).

  • el polacko

    so isn’t the ritual “eat this, for this is my body” ? seems a wee bit homoerotic.. or cannabalistic.. to me.
    one of the things i like best about maher is his willingness to mock the religious. everyone is allowed to believe whatever silly crap they want to, but the rest of us are allowed to make fun of it. religion is something you choose .. you’re not born with it… so it’s not the same as calling somebody ugly.. or a fag. besides, i thought that donohue guy said he enjoyed the ‘south park’ portrayal of him as a raving loony who wanted to ‘kill the jew’, jesus, in order to rule the catholics himself. maybe he just didn’t get it ?

  • alan brickman

    bill always gets it more power to him…

  • BillyButt

    First off, Imus said nothing different than what all those other nutso radio guys say dozens of times a day (let alone what they say in hip hop). It was childish for the country to react the way it did. Secondly, the church is full of pedophiles. Thirdly, gay anal sex is for many a religious experience.

  • Julie Ann Brown

    I wrote a scathing letter to HBO about this man! I am going to use him as an example next year in my Marketing classes (and I told HBO the same) as a man with such a large ego (a.k.a low self-esteem) and mind out of balance, that he has to select Catholics as a target. A Catholic who lives their faith are the least likely to attack him back. Most likely, he would love to discriminate against other groups (women most likely, and blond women in particular) but he is a coward. He will attack a group whose value and beliefs teach them that in the “big picture” treating him in the same manner, would not be just. I am going to write my own case study on this horrific excuse for a fully human, male. Do you remember when he suggested to his audience to throw things to break the windows of Starbucks and McDonalds? He is an example of what happens when mental illness and evil collide.

  • John

    To the censors who are trying to get him fired (again)… keep up the good work. The more you try to destroy the man, the more I’ll go out of my way to watch him.

    Given the disgusting things Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and other ‘good Catholics’ say on their shows, I would think the athetists deserve their venomous political pundit too.

  • Miss Clairol

    Our products no longer work on Ms. Brown, as her dark roots run all the way to her bigoted heart. Quit calling yourself a christian, you’re a hater.

  • jack e. jett

    OMG…julie ann brown is writing a “scathing” letter to hbo AND showtime.

    i wonder if julie ann brown is the drag persona of
    ralph reed.

    i am going to be writing a scating letter to showtime AND hbo that will over ride her scathing verbiage.

    jack jett

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