Bill O’Reilly Backtracks On LGBT Issues, Saying Glee Promotes Gay And Trans Experimentation To Kids

Bill O’Reilly surprised us when he defended transgender Miss Universe Canada contestant Jenna Talackova, saying she should have the right to compete as a woman.

But, as always, it’s one step forward, two steps backwards with GOP blowhards. Today he takes aim at Glee for promoting that transgender ideology that he just defended.

What’s the difference here? Jenna was a pretty little blonde woman, and Bill said “What right does the Miss Universe pageant have to violate this lady’s right to be a woman? They are basically saying because you weren’t born a woman you don’t have a right to be a woman..[it] doesn’t sound right to me.”

Now, on Alex Newell playing a big and beautiful transgender lady on Glee‘s latest episode, he says he doesn’t want kids to start experimenting with gay sex and with their gender, comparing it with the fact that seeing James Dean smoking on TV made him want to smoke as a teen.

Luckily, there is a voice of reason on the set in Judge Jeanine Pirro to set Bill right. “Do you really think that this is the kind of thing that is contagious?”

She continued: “That’s a behavior, that’s like a beer. Not your sexuality. Bill, did you ever want to be a woman?”

He does kind of look like the kind of dude who’d cross-dress on the side, doesn’t he?

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  • Ty

    Bill is a two-faced hypocrite. He proved his true character when for years he proclaimed that Rosie was his friend and that he respected her and had her on his show… and then The View happened and she became public enemy #1 to the neo-cons, and instead of defending hs so-called “friend”, Bill jumped to the front of the line to pelt her. Screw this opportunistic piece of shit.

  • ScaryRussianHeather

    Well it doesn’t help when Gaga and other pop culture people pretend to be something other than hetero. Gaga “I’m bi but I will marry a man and never been in love with a woman”. I think that is the confusion that older and hetero focused people confuse with the transgender issue. O’Reilly may be annoying but he always DOES have someone on the show with “both sides”. It’s up to the guest to make the point swiftly and correctly when he asks a question.

    @1 Rosie screwed herself by becoming an aggressive, unlikable, even crazier bitch, and millions of people dumped her, which you fail to mention. As you can see by her continuing succession of failures since The View. Being mentally unstable, her entire persona became unwatchable and the last straw was the 10 minute tirade against Hasslebeck who was defending US Military members from Rosie’s insistence that they are terrorists.

    Or do you really think an O’Reilly is going to defend the crack head 911 TRUTHER conspiracy theory O’Donnell when she’s making constant charges like that for YEARS?

    Boo hoo, poor Rosie, who said this after her The View demise : ” I was really just like a foster kid for a year. I came, and we considered adoption, but I didn’t really fit into the family, and now it’s time for the foster kid to go back home…It wasn’t my choice. It was their choice.”

  • Owen

    @ScaryRussianHeather: Who are you? What are you? Why are you on this blog? Besides making me throw-up in my mouth a little, you really don’t make much sense on either your Gaga OR Rosie points.

    Look, we do not appreciate evil right wing straight people coming onto our blogs and trying to make trouble, trying to denigrate we people of the rainbow. And before you say, “I have a homosexual right to post her, I’m gay”, or “I’m a right leaning bi” or “lesbians can love Bill and hate Rosie too”…I DON’T BELIEVE YOU!!!

  • cam

    he says he doesn’t want kids to start experimenting with gay sex and with their gender, comparing it with the fact that seeing James Dean smoking on TV made him want to smoke as a teen.”

    Gee Bill, or you could compare it to something else….like say…..

    When black kids sitting at home finally saw other black kids dancing on TV on American Bandstand instead of only white kids, and what that meant to them.

    As for me, I have to say, Glee was getting a little boring this year, but that kid blew that song out of the water!

  • Spike

    So what he is saying is there needs to be more str8t sex on TV so that more kids emulate that rather then experiment with the gay sex they are seeing on TV. I guess Bill doesn’t realize kids aren’t watching TV for sex, there is something called the internets with no shortage of every sex going on you can imagine. Can someone remind me why we are talking about this clown in the first place?

  • samo

    Glee sucks! I’ve never seen a full episode but from the clips I’ve seen it looks horrible. It’s the same old propoganda effiminate gay guy who wants to be one of the girls singing and dancing and being bullied for being a gay yeah I get it. Dude should just man up already and to think I heard the creator of this show is gay himself talk about gay men being their own worst enemy and reinforcing outdated stereotypes.

  • jason

    I think that transgenderism should not be promoted to young kids who are going through gender role issues. Keep in mind that the ultimate surgical solution is often regretted later on in life.

  • Christopher

    @samo: If you have never seen it, then how do you know it sucks.

    Some people like it, some don’t. I have only ever heard right wing whackjobs refer to it as propaganda. And yes there are effeminate gay kids on the show, just like there were effeminate gays kids in school. And there are straight kids who dance, and gay kids who play football. What’s your point?

    I, for one, think that for all it’s faults, Glee has had some amazing moments over the past 3 years. Honestly, I am still slightly amazed that a show marketed to teenagers, has a gay couple widely admired among straight teenagers. That, my friends, is a great deal of progress…coming from someone who grew up in the 70’s when such a thing never could have happened.

    I think it’s easy to criticize, and easy to forget how far we have come, because we aren’t quite there yet. But for anyone say 35 or over, did you have any positive gay role models when you were teens? let alone ones in a relationship and happy?

    Love it or hate it, watch it before you decide, and give credit where credit is due.

  • Christopher

    @jason: Being made aware of its existence is not promoting. Trust me no one is going make a decision like that based on a character in a musical, have some sense

    Also, could you link to some study about all the regrets? Not saying you are incorrect, but I would like to know where you got the info from, since you seem well versed in how often trans patients regret their surgeries.

  • samo

    Jason is right once again. Transgenderism should not be promoted to high school kids. And transgendered rights has nothing to do with rights for normal gay men. Oh yeah glee still sucks donkey balls and I wouldn’t watch that girly crap even if someone put a gun to my head

  • Gigi

    I was raised by heterosexuals and was subjected to the heterosexual lifestyle each and every day. Not once did I ever want to “try” it. This “argument” that kids shouldn’t be shown anything other than straight because they might be tempted is bogus.

  • Mk_Ultra_Again

    I know it’s a propaganda method, but it’s still condescending to compare being gay with taking up a bad habit.
    Why wouldn’t homosexuality be shown on tv? We’re not talking about people having sex, we’re talking about romantic relationships which tv certainly doesn’t shy away from with straight people. Did anyone argue that the sitcom Seinfeld was trying to make people Jewish? That the Cosby show made people black?
    NO, they were received as a reflection of America’s changing culture. That’s what’s happening now with LGBT.
    The angry cons are just going to have to get over it. They can complain, whine, and bitch all they want to.
    But we’re in mainstream tv now. We’re not going anywhere. We’re here to stay.

  • Ty


    I am not a fan of Rosie’s either, but this isn’t about her, but her so-called “friend” who invited her onto his show to have her coming out interview, who proclaimed to be her friend and supporter… but then when the “cool” right-wing thing was to hate her, Bill never could try to differentiate his opinions on her and his “friendship” with the woman. He threw her under the bus because he realized badmouthing Rosie would give him higher ratings, and that is a shitty friend IMO.

  • iDavid

    Kids are going to “experiment” with or w/o Glee. It’s been happening forever. It would actually be a great storyline om Glee bc one would find that experimentation leads to knowing oneself better as to where one stands sexually. Power to experimentation as mankind are the great explorers of EVERYTHING. Now go do that little temptation you never thought you would and love it! It’s YOUR life, live it! And yeh that means through “experimentation.”

  • raina

    samo: Congratulations, you’re a transphobic piece of sh*t.

  • samo

    Raina I’m actually for transgendered rights all I said was that it has nothing to do with gay rights for gay men you piece of shit

  • Belize

    @jason: “I think that transgenderism should not be promoted to young kids who are going through gender role issues.”

    Exactly. And I believe that homosexuality shouldn’t be promoted to young kids either. They’d might decide to choose to be gay after seeing hot men holding hands… or worse… KISSING. ;)

    “Keep in mind that the ultimate surgical solution is often regretted later on in life.”

    Should we also keep in mind that this ultimate surgical solution is lightning quick and painless? That it doesn’t involve months and months of expensive medication? That a person who suddenly decides that s/he wants the ultimate solution would not have months and months of time to actually think about what s/he really wants? Please, let us know. Whatever would we do without your wisdom? ;)

  • Belize

    @samo: “Raina I’m actually for transgendered rights all I said was that it has nothing to do with gay rights for gay men you piece of shit”

    Exactly. After all gay men only need to be protected from homophobes. Meanwhile, the transgendered need to be protected from homophobes and imbecilic assholes like you who are more than willing to pass judgment on something despite having limited knowledge and experience about the thing that you are judging. Congratulations on being exactly like the people who harass the so called “normal” gay men, moron.

  • DouggSeven

    Maybe we should outlaw Halloween too then since that’s a huge ‘gender experimentation’ day for millions of kids as well.

  • jason

    Many kids experiment with gender roles and may be going through phases where they think they might prefer being a different gender. To promote surgical transgenderism as the only option that is available to them is to impose a false choice on minds that are still developing. Keep in mind that surgical transgenderism is an extreme. We should not be imposing on children an extreme that involves irreversible surgical changes to one’s body.

    I would prefer that we encourage the notion that it’s normal for gender-role questioning to occur in kids. We should be telling kids that it’s OK for a boy to dress in girl’s clothing, and that it doesn’t have to mean that it’s the beginning of his journey to a surgical intervention.

    In other words, the GLBT community needs to stop imposing an identity crisis on kids who are simply playing or experimenting.

  • BlackRockRitual

    I don’t like Glee because it represents that “Teen Spirit” crud. I appreciate the message, but this sort of thing doesn’t seem any more interesting to me than those Disney Teens or Justin Bieber. Guess I’m a stereotypical “straight acting” bisexual. But I’ve never been much of a pop whore. I like pop when weirdos become normal.

    I grew up and liked the Nirvana era of things. Where kids were crusty, and “teen spirit”, was not to be found. Remember Daria? That was good, too. Heck, I don’t even see what was so bad about the “emo” craze, it wasn’t near as popular as everybody said it was. And the negative things were massively blown out of proportion. When it all came down to it, most “emos” were happy. Most “emo” bands were pop rock bands like Green Day, and most “emo haters” just hated pop music period, and boys going against gender roles or just being disgusted by androgyny.

    Well that was off tangent, sorry. While I’m no fan of glee or most pop culture trends that don’t feature major freaks of some variety(also, I’m not a teen, and I don’t want to see stereotypical teen crud), what a dumb criticism to make. Wait, what if it even was contagious? Is there anything wrong with wanting to gender bend? Gender roles are stupid! I hope kids do watch tv and want to defy gender! I hope that kids do watch tv and see something affirming to their sexuality. I hope kids do watch tv and feel like it’s okay to be and feel like a girl or a boy or whatever they feel like!

    Experimentation with gender is GOOD. Much better than experimenting with smoking! And people aren’t going to experiment and become gay, they might “experiment” and feel less repressed and find out their actual orientation sooner. But there’s nothing wrong with that.

    And what kind of things does that stupid idiot woman have to explain to her kids that shouldn’t be explained? There’s nothing to explain, and if there is, there’s nothing to worry about other than her bigotry being put on the spot for her children.

  • A girl at heart and soul

    @ No. 7 · jason
    I think that transgenderism should not be promoted to young kids who are going through gender role issues. Keep in mind that the ultimate surgical solution is often regretted later on in life.

    I do noy agree, I since I can remember. highschool really sucked, and I became more and more harassed because many felt I did not fit into their role. I dated a Girl in highschool, I got married and did all the things a Man should do.
    I found out that I eas neityher male or female when we tried to have children, and some other health related conditions. I lived with this for tewnty plus years. I wish I even had the internet to learn that there were others like me. To not have to cry myself to sleep each noght as my body defied my soul.

    It is not a choice, it is not. There may be some who are gay use it to justify themselves for liking the same sex, but for 90% of the cases it is extremelt real, and we learn to be what everyone wants us to be, all the while living in agony over who we really are.

    BTw Surgery reversal has only happened on a few ocasions, and the many of us outweigh the few.

  • dannyboi2

    Wow, such contradictions, I happen to like Glee, It’s entertainment. Jezz, no wonder there are so, many reality shows. Glee is fiction…Guys. Why is O’Fart even commenting on this. So, anything we read or see is reality and we are like sheep to slaughter and emulated what we read or see as fact. Pleaze give our youth credit for being a lil smarter than our ancestors. O’fart go back to bashing O’Bama and Leave us gleehearts alone.

  • koan

    Im quit happy with glee permoting transgender ism cause it shows that all people are diffrent and that people should be more excepting .

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