Bill O’Reilly: Best Award For a Predicatable Performance

Well, we called this one yesterday. Watch Bill O’Reilly take Sean Penn to task for talking about gay rights in his acceptance speech for Best Actor at the Academy Awards on Sunday, in which he played gay rights leader, Harvey Milk. Bill-O claims that it was “gay marriage” that won the award on Sunday, that the awards voters are all political and that the reason Frank Langella didn’t win for Frost/Nixon was because he made Nixon seem likable. That last one isn’t all that offensive. We just think it’s funny that Bill saw Frost/Nixon and walked away thinking, “What a nice President!” Watch the fulmination after the jump.

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  • Geoff

    Bill O’Reilly is one of the most ignorant, bigoted blowhards I’ve ever seen. I think the most dangerous thing about him however is that he has an ability to somehow connect with the weak-minded as he spouts his vitriol…and then it spreads.

  • ceazer

    You gotta love Bill. I knew he would take a swipe at Sean Pen. lol. should the president be ashamed? lol

  • Sebbe

    WOW Bill O’ won the office pool, got every category right.

    Monica Crowley re: Penn – “His comments are the epitome of intolerance”. OMG STFU

    Was the marriage equality lady really Karl Rove’s former aide? I couldn’t bring myself to watch this clip a second time.

  • Rick Heintz

    You have to love that “Fair and Balanced Coverage” LOL

  • BNN

    “We don’t care about the Academy Awards.”

    … Followed by a 3 minute discussion on them?

  • Charles J. Mueller

    Sean Penn’s “intolerant” comments were directed at the protesters outside the building, which I am given to understand, were members of the Fred Phelps Clan from the Westboro Baptist Church and whom where chanting and holding up their signs of intolerance.

    Talk about convoluting the facts? Are Reilly and that stupid twat sitting at the table with him actually supporting Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church?

    If that is so, then they are even more disgusting than Fred Phelps himself.

  • michael

    Its so interesting how manipulative folks can be. These guys are basically saying that its bigoted to have a problem with a bigot. Interesting. Sad thing is they probably believe their own crap, its the only way they could be able to sleep at night.

  • michael

    One more thing. I do have to give it to Bill for bring up that Obama is against gay marriage. Obama does get a little to much credit than he is due.

  • ceazer

    @michael: I guess now we don’t like Obama and Clinton. They both don’t support gay marriage.Which politicians openly support gay marriage again?

  • getreal

    I’m trying to love the sinner hate the sin but Bill Oreilly makes it so hard. My blood boils that this person presumes to speak for all christians and that he uses my religion as an excuse for his bigotry! But as I said I’m trying to love the sinner hate the sin. Oh great now all the christian haters are going to attack me. Oh well.

  • Charles J. Mueller


    You should listen more to your blood. ;-0

    And when were you planning a Chautauqua with Bill O’Reilly to bring him around to your point of view? Surely if you are tolerant and reasonable with him, you should be able to win him over, no?

    Oh..and how about a Chautaugua with Sally Kerns, Donnie McClurkin, Rick Warren, Chris Buttars, Ted Haggard and Dr. James Dobson, to name but a few.

    Scores of anti-gay people have come out of the woodwork since civil-rights for LGBT became an issue…and this is only the tip of the iceberg. Scores more will continue to come out against us.

    Isn’t all that love you have for the enemy getting stretched a trifle thin?

    And how do you replenish all that love when none of it is being returned?

    Does God kep refilling the bucket for you everytime it gets empty? ;-0

  • getreal

    We were all raised differently but like you I have also traveled all over the world and believe that not all but most people are flawed but not evil. I choose to live my life as a loving person that doesn’t mean I’m a robot who doesn’t get angry. I personally don’t feel that hating people who hate me is productive. When you look at the great civil rights movements of the past The abolitionist movement, Ghandi’s movement in India, the black civil rights movement people were angry but they were dignified. It made their opposition look more and more corrupt and evil as time went on. Eventually in all these movements the intrinsic injustice of these situations shifted people’s minds and history. What do I gain if Bill O’reilly’s hateful views turn me into a hateful person I would never give him or people like them that kind of power. I think I have a responsibility to a higher code of conduct period I don’t think that makes me weak I think that makes me strong it is easy to hate those who hate me but it makes their job easier I’m not going to do that. I have respect for others views on faith mine compels me to at least try try be better than the Bill O’reilly’s of the world in my conduct.

  • getreal

    @Charles J. Mueller:Oops I forgot

    And how do you replenish all that love when none of it is being returned?

    I don’t need Bill Oreilly’s love. I get that from my family,my friends, my faith. I’ll be damned if I let a scared bigoted man like him take my goodness away from me.

  • stephen

    Did you see Bill’s Oscar picks before the acadamy awards? He nailed all of them. He explained who would win and why … and he turned out to be 100% correct.

    By the way, he didn’t say that Nixon came away as “likable”. He said the movie “humanized” Nixon, which isn’t necessarily the same thing.

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